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Chapter 4.1 Communicating in Business & Chapter 4.2 Negotiating

What is the acronym for —“Keep it short and simple? KISS
What represents professional writers that have a rule abbreviated as KISS —“Keep it short and simple? Briefness
What represents to give information in an easy-to-follow format? Organization
What is important to remember in effective business communications that will include the details your audience needs to understand to act on your message? Clarity
When you goal is to supply the right information to the right audience, it means you are what? Relevant
When you communicate respect and a positive attitude, you are what? Courtesy
Different types of communication are required for different situations means what? Suitability
Which letters are used for longer or more official messages? Business Letters
Business letter should be typed in an easy-to-read font, not a _________ _________? fancy script
A business letter should be typed and ________ _______. error free
What is a brief note that informs employees about a business-related matter? Memo
What is a message that is sent and received electronically over a computer network. E-mail
What is short for facsimile, an exact copy of something? Fax
A fax machine uses what to transmit a copy of a document? telephone lines
Having to repeat information can be disruptive, time consuming, and frustrating to your audience if you don't do this. Speak Clearly
Look and nod at people individually. Refer to individuals if possible to do this -- Draw in the Entire Audience
Use pauses and careful word choices will do this -- Encourage Participation
If the audience seems relaxed and sociable, act the same because you have done this -- Read the Mood of the Room
Avoid distracting __________. Use this for emphasis. gestures
What is immediate communication using typed text over the Internet? Instant messaging
Take care when using ___________ when instant messaging. emoticons
Don’t use _______________—many businesspeople consider them unprofessional when instant messaging. abbreviations
_________ __________is listening consciously and responding in ways that improve communication. Active listening
What should you do when active listening? The words and tone of voice will give clues to his or her frame of mind. Focus on the Speaker
What should you do when active listening? This tells the speaker that you understand what is being said. Feedback is typically phrased in a way that encourages the speaker to correct any misunderstandings. Give Feedback
What is a process in which two or more parties reach an agreement or solve a problem through communication? Negotiation
What is it when the parties must be willing to adjust their expectations so they can come to an agreement? Bargaining in good faith
Negotiating is more popular in _______ economic times tight
Good negotiations involve what? give-and-take.
A _____________ is something you’re willing to give up. concession
Good _________ requires that all sides be ready to make sacrifices. faith
What is the first guideline for productive negotiations? State your offer firmly
Be willing to make compromises in negotiations. True
A ___________ is an agreement arrived at when all sides have made concessions. compromise
Put the offer in __________. Eventually, you may sign a written contract indicating the terms on which you’ve agreed. writing
When negotiating agreements involving major issues, you need to consider your ________. Values
Values are ____________ things that you believe are worthwhile and important. intangible
Rules of ____________, the behavior that is accepted and expected in a situation , can vary greatly in societies in general and for conducting business in particular. etiquette
Different ____________ also have different attitudes about time, appointments, and schedules. countries
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