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java words

float keyword for a floating point data type
void no return value
public no return value
java an object oriented coding language
arrays A collection of identically typed data items distinguished by their indices (or "subscripts")
loop A sequence of instructions that the processor repeats, either until some condition is met, or indefinitely.
while a word used in most languages, such as java, used to create a loop
branch an if, else statement
DC direct current
compiler A program that converts another program from some source language (or programming language) to machine language (object code).
variable A named memory location in which a program can store intermediate results and from which it can read it them.
INT A common name for the integer data type
IC integrated circuit
system outprint says to print to standard output. Defaults to command-line
static a shocking modifier
main The name of the subroutine when it executes a program
method the name given to a procedure or routine associated with one or more classes
string A sequence of data values, usually bytes
declare used to declare a variable by specifying its data type and name
JVM Java Virtual Machine
command A character string which tells a program to perform a specific action
Created by: Stormquartz