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Java Cross 7.0

Head First Java Ch.1

1. Float java data type which can store floating point numbers.
2. Void specifies that the method does not return to any type, so the method returns to void.
3. Public declares a member’s access as public.
4. Java trademark a programming language especially applicable to the Internet
5. Arrays a dynamically-created object that serves as a container to hold constant number of values
6. Loop a way of repeating lines of code more than once.
7. While searches for the number 10 in a randomly ordered int array
8. Branch allows you to see how changing that one decision affects the method's behavior.
10. Compiler translates the Java code written by a programmer into instructions a computer can execute.
11. Variable variable is a container that holds values that are used in a Java program.
12. Int abbreviation for integer, which wraps a value of the primitive type int in an object.
13. IC integrated circuit, which is a semiconductor wafer on which thousands or millions of tiny resistors and capacitors.
a. IT Department of technology.
14. SystemOutPrint System is a class in the java language package, out is a static member of the System class, and .println is a method of java.
15. Static can be applied to a field, a method or an inner class it has a single instance for the whole class that defines it.
16. Main the starting point for the execution of every Java application
17. Method also known as Procedures or Functions, They don't return any value.
18. String a sequence of characters in the Java programming language.
19. Declare the minimum required so other code can call it or refer to it.
20. JVM is an implementation of the Java Virtual Machine Specification, interprets compiled Java binary code.
21. Command telling the computer to do something through code.
9. DC can contain arbitrary Java code and does not create a deployable or installable build result.
Created by: JosueZuniga