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Vocab terms

Vocabulary terms for CS

Float Variable type that can store fractional numbers (or decimal numbers) in a 4 byte variable
Void Declares that method does not need to return a type
Public Method/variable can be accessed by anything, and does not require an accessor or mutator to change or use it.
Java One of the OOP/High-Level Programming languages
Arrays Block of objects/variables that hold stuff
Loop Tells the statements within the loop to repeat until unavailable to do
While Command type saying if the requirements are true, continue until requirement is untrue
Branch A command type saying that if something fits a requirement, do it
DC Computer’s power; How much the CPU can process
Compiler Computer’s power; How much the CPU can process
Variable An object that holds something else, such as a number
Int A “real” number; Cannot include decimal values
IC Integrated Circuit, used before the Chip was invented
System Outprint Results of the processing of the computer; what shows on the screen
Static Does not require a variable type in the method
Main Method is the main method, which is what the program actually runs
Method Holds statements for use inside of a main
String A variable type that holds characters instead of numbers
Declare Declares a class/method/variable for use or reference
JVM Java Virtual Machine; Runs bytecode made by the compiler
Command Tells the CPU what to do
IT Assists with any technological problems