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Tech Toolbox Vocab

Network any numbers of computers connected with cables or fiber optics so that people can share software or information electronically
LAN (local area network) a type of network that connects computer and other devices in a relatively small area, such as an office building, home, or school
WAN (wide area network) a long distance communications network that covers a wide geographic area such as a school district, state, or country.
Server The central most powerful computer in a network that manages all shared software and data.
Hardware the physical equipment (machines) that makes up a computer system
Touch Typing the ability to type without looking at the keys by memorizing the correct finger reaches for each of the letter keys.
Save As the option from the file menu used to store a previously used document with a different name or in a different location
Save the option from the file menu used to store data for future use
I-beam a type of mouse pointer shaped like a capital I used to change the location of the cursor when entering and editing text
CPU the "brains" of the computer in the form of a small silicon chip
Folder an organizational method used for grouping files into categories
Dialog Box a rectangle that pops up on the screen requiring a response from the user before it can continue
Software the instructions (programs) that tell the computer what to do.
Operating System the most important program on a computer responsible for performing basic tasks such as translating between the machine and the user
Command button a word or phrase inside a small rectangle on the screen. Clicking on this will cause the stated command to take place
Virus A manmade program or piece of code that is loaded onto your computer without your knowledge which runs against your wishes to damage your computer.
Cursor the blinking vertical line that shows where the next character you type will appear.
Megabyte the base unit of measure used when identifying the size of a given item or document in a computer.
Memory the space the computer uses to store information that is currently open or running. Also known as RAM
Shortcut a windows icon that serves as a push button for completing a series of steps such as opening a file, program, or series of windows.
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