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chaper 10


separations resignation, retirement, termination, or layoff
wage/salary survey tells company how much compensation comparable firms are paying for specific jobs that the firms have in common
wages financial rewards based on the number of hours the employee works
commission pays a fixed amount or a percentage of the employee's sales
salary financial reward calculated on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis
bonuses offered by companies for exceptional performance as incentives to increase productivity further
profit sharing a percentage of company profits is distributed to the employee's whose work helped to generate them
benefits nonfinancial forms of compensation provided to employees; pension plans, health insurance, paid vacation and holidays
labor unions deal with employers for achieving better pay, hours and working conditions
collective bargaining management and unions reach an agreement about compensation, working hours, and working conditions for the bargaining unit
labor contract written document that spells out the relationship between the union and management for a specified period of time
picketing public protest against management practices that involves union members marching and carrying antimanagement signs
strikes employee walkouts; one of the most effective weapons of labor unions
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