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ch 10


human resources management (HRM) determining an organization's human resources needs as well as acquiring, training, and compensation people to fill those needs
job analysis pertinent information about a job-including specific tasks and necessary abilities, knowledge, and skills
job description written explanation of a specific job, usually including job title, tasks, relationship with other jobs, physical and mental skills
job specification qualifications necessary for a specific job in terms of education, experience, and personal and physical characteristics
recruiting forming a pool of qualified applicants from which management can select employees
selection collecting information about applicants and using that information to make hiring decisions
title VII of the civil rights act prohibits discrimination in employment and created the equal employment opportunity commission
orientation familiarizing newly hired employees with fellow workers, company procedures, and physical properties of the company
training teaching employees to do specific job tasks through either classroom development or on-the- job experience
development training the augments the skill and knowledge of managers and professionals
turnover employees quit or are fired and must be replaced
promotion advancement to a higher level job with increased authority, responsibility, and pay
transfer move to another job within the company with the same level and wage
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