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Crossword Twist

Head First Java Ch. 1

Float The usual keyword for the floating-point data type, e.g. in the C programming language
Void does not have a return type
Public one where any part of the program can access or update its members by using the name of the member that is to be accessed
Java A simple, object-oriented programming language
Arrays group of related data values grouped together as one value
Loops process of a software program or script repeats the same instructions or processes the same information over and over until receiving the order to stop
While loop statement in programming that performs pre-defined tasks while in the process of doing something else
DC electrical current that flows unidirectionally
Compiler The process of creating an executable program from code written in a compiled programming language that allows the computer to run and understand the program without the need of the programming software used to create it.
Variable location capable of storing temporary data within a program
Int numeric value, for example, 1 and 1234 are examples of integers. A negative integer is any negative numeric value, for example, -1 and -1234 are examples of a negative integers
IC package containing many circuits, pathways, transistors, and other electronic components all working together to perform a particular function or a series of functions
IT Information Technology and is a broad term for all forms of technology that describes a department in control of handling or supporting a computer company
System.out.print a simple statement in Java that prints a phrase of the coder’s choice to the console
Static generated by other code or script and will not change unless the creator makes a change and re-uploads the file.
Main starting point for the execution of the code in the application
Method The method has access to the variables and properties defined in the class/object and can perform tasks on any instances any series of characters that are interpreted literally by a scriptof the class/object
String any series of characters that are interpreted literally by a script
Declare a statement in programming that define a variable, array, and if applicable its value
JVM software that interprets Java bytecode and converts it into machine language to execute it on the computer
Command word or set of words that, when typed or in some cases spoken, cause the computer to perform a certain operation
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