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LIGHT Is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to the human eye.
HARD LIGHT A light source that is relatively small and far away (such as the sun) and creates harsh, sharp-edged shadows and reveals textures.
SOFT LIGHT A light source that is relatively large and close to the subject that creates soft edged shadow transitions and conceals textures.
SPECULAR HIGHLIGHT a bright spot of light that reflects on shiny objects when illuminated by a hard light, a strong 3d visual cue.
DIFFUSER a translucent device such as a softbox or umbrella that spreads the light from a hard light to soften the light and reduce harsh shadows
REFLECTOR a device that is used to redirect light towards a given subject to fill in and lessen shadows
MODIFIER any kind of device used with light sources to alter the direction, quality, or color of photographic light
COLOR TEMPERATURE a measurement scale in degrees Kelvin that indicates the hue (color cast) of a particular light source
KELVIN a unit of measure for color temperature
TUNGSTEN also known as an incandescent light bulb, a globe shaped bulb that produces light with a heated wire filament that gives off a yellowish cast.
FLUORESCENT a light bulb which uses a tube filled with mercury vapor gas which is charged to produce light that gives off a greenish cast
WHITE BALANCE a camera color temperature adjustment to remove unrealistic color casts making white objects appear white in the image. (The "L" in LISA)
DAYLIGHT WB a camera white balance preset that assumes the light source is the sun on a clear day (about 5200k)
SHADE WB a camera white balance preset that assumes the subject is in the shade (about 7000k)
CLOUDY WB a camera white balance preset that assumes the subject is in an overcast sky (about 6000k)
TUNGSTEN WB a camera white balance preset that assumes the subject in light from a TUNGSTEN light bulb (about 3200k)
FLUORSCENT WB a camera white balance preset that assumes the subject is in light form a FLUORESCENT light bulb (about 4000k)
CORE SHADOW the dark band visible where light and shadow meet on an object
CAST SHADOW shadow on the surface an object rests on, created by the object itself blocking the light from the source.
HIGHLIGHT the area on the subject where light is directly hitting or reflecting with the most intensity.
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