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P015 Legal Rights & Copyright

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY an idea or creation of the mind made real in a form we can touch, see, or hear, for which the law provides exclusive rights to the creator
PATENT an exclusive right granted to anyone who invents any new, useful, and non-obvious process.
TRADEMARK protects words, names, symbols, sounds, or colors that distinguish goods and services.
TRADE SECRET information that companies keep secret to give them an advantage over their competitors.
COPYRIGHT the legal protection for original works of authorship that are fixed in a tangible form of expression.
TANGIBLE FORM a creative work recorded in some physical medium, whether on paper, canvas, or computer memory
DERIVATIVE WORK a new, original product that includes aspects of a preexisting, already copyrighted work.
CREATIVE COMMONS a simple standardized way to grant limited copyright permissions to creative work
COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT the unauthorized or illegal use of copyrighted works.
FAIR USE a legal defense to permit limited use of copyrighted material for news reporting, parody or education without acquiring permission.
PUBLIC DOMAIN when intellectual property is not protected by law, but instead belongs to the public as a whole.
ROYALTY payment for a license to copy or use a copyrighted work for a single use
ROYALTY FREE a license to use or copy a copyrighted work unlimited number of times
TALENT RELEASE a document in which a person gives someone permission to use a photo or video recording of themselves
PROPERTY RELEASE a document in which an owner gives someone permission to use pictures of his/her property for commercial purposes
ATTRIBUTION requiring credit to the author of a work used in another's work, usually in the form Copyright (C) 2000 author's-name.
NON COMMERCIAL copyright license that does not allow a work to be used in any type of commerce or making money activities
NO DERIVATIVES copyright license that does not allow any derivatives such as remixes or other modifications
SHARE ALIKE copyright license that requires copies or derivitives of a work to be released under the same licence as the original.
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