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Lit vocab

lit vocab for quiz on thursday

acquiesce to give in, to comply
allusion implied or indirect reference; hinting at
amity friendship
apocryphal of doubtful origin or authenticity, not genuine
apprehend to seize, arrest, take into custody; to understand;to become aware of
blasphemous irreverent, profane
calamity a serious event causing distress or misfortune
circumscribed restricted or limited
conflagration a large fire
coquette a woman who flirts with men without sincere affection
depravity moral corruption, a wicked or perverse act
disinterment removal from a grave or tomb
disparity inequality, the condition or fact of being unequal in age, rank, or degree
duplicity double-dealing, hypocrisy
ebullient overflowing with excitement, showing enthusiasm
elicit to bring out a response, to evoke
endow to provide with income or property, to supply with a talent or quality
enigmatic mysterious, inexplicable, puzzling
estrange to alienate, to separate
exacting demanding, requiring great care
extraneous not essential or vital
ferocity savagery
florid flowery, flushed with color
gaunt very thin, emaciated, angular
grate to cause irritation
imperious extremely overbearing
incipient beginning to come into being, the early stage of something
incogruity nonconformity, disagreement, incompatibility
induce to bring on or to bring about
inordinate exceeding reasonable limits, excessive
inveterate firmly established, habitual, deep-rooted
labyrinthine like a maze, very convoluted and intricate
malady a disease or unwholesome condition
malefactor a criminal
mortify to humiliate, to wound pride, to experience shame
multifarious great in variety, diverse
muse to ponder
obscure difficult to see, vague
obsequious overly attentive, like a sycophant, servile
odious deserving hate or contempt
pedantry act of showing off learning in a manner that is needless and unimaginative
peevish fretful, obstinate
penitent showing or feeling regret for wrongdoing, repentant
perennial lasting for many years
prodigy one with exceptional talents or powers; an extraordinary accomplishment
propriety correct conduct
reconcile to reestablish friendship, to resolve a dispute
repress to restrain, to hold back
reprove to scold or to rebuke for a misdeed usually with kindly intent
reputable having a good reputation
ruminate to consider for a long time at a slow pace, to ponder
sedulously very diligent, accomplishing with painstaking care
transcended surpassed, exceeded
transparent quality of being able to be seen through, clear
trifling not significant, frivelous
unobstusive not readily noticeable, in conspicuous
vicarious experienced through imagined participation in another's activity
vigilant very alert, watchful
volatile quickly changeable, easily vaporized
whets stimulates, sharpens
Created by: unicornlover77



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