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Lessons 3 & 4 Unit 2

Spanish explorers

empire a large area in which different groups of people are controlled by one ruler of government
conquistadors Spanish word for conqueror
Hernan Cortes Spanish conquistador who landed in Mexico- took the Aztec ruler prisoner for ransom
Montezuma II Aztec ruler killed by Cortes
smallpox disease brought by Spanish that killed 100,000 Aztec
Mexico City city built on top of ruins of Tenochtitlan after Aztecs were defeated
Inca empire this empire was defeated by the Spanish-wealthiest empire in the world
highway system connected the empire-messengers ran along this up to 50 miles a day
quipus knotted strings carried by messengers to help remember or relay information
gold known as "sweat of the sun" to Incas
silver known as "tears of the moon" to Inca
Francisco Pizarro Spanish conquistador who went to South America to capture Inca empire
Atahualpa Inca ruler who tried to defeat Pizarro's small army-taken captive by Pizarro
gold & silver offered to Pizarro by Atahualpa for his freedom- melted down by Pizarro and sent back to Spain
diseases highway system allowed this to spread quickly making Inca empire weaker
civil war fought among Inca people making them weaker
frontier edge of a settled place
missionary person who tries to persuade others to accept new religious beliefs
enslave to force people to work against their will
mestizo people who are of both Spanish and Native American heritage
encomiendas large areas of land
Juan Ponce de Leon Spanish explorer who looked for the Fountain of youth
St. Augustine, Florida where Ponce de Leon actually landed
Hernando de Soto Spanish explorer who traveled through GA, FL, AL, MS and across the Mississippi River looking for gold
Francisco Coronado first Spanish explorer to see the Grand Canyon- traveled thru southwestern U.S. claiming land for Spain
Bartolome de Las Casas missionary who spoke out against unfair treatment of enslaved Native Americans
New Spain lands claimed by Spain in Mexico and South America
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