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Windows 7 Vocabulary

Action Center An area in a window that displays important messages about critical security and maintenance components on a computer, such as the firewall, antivirus protection, and spyware protection.
Address Bar An area in a window that contains the path to the current folder.
Close Button The window button that closes the open window or application.
Computer Folder In Windows provides access to hard drives, removable drives and media, CD, and DVD drives, network locations, and other removable media such as flash storage, cameras, and scanners.
Control Panel The command center for configuring Windows settings.
Desktop The main screen and workspace that opens when Windows is started
Explore Windows Vista windows that explore a computer and navigate to items.
Favorites Area in the Navigation Pane that contains links to folders for commonly used items, including the desktop, downloads, and recently opened files and folders.
Jump List A list of recently used files that appears on the start menu when you right-click an icon.
Libraries Virtual folders that contain links to files and folders throughout your computer.
Notification Area Program icons on the task bar that provide status and notifications about programs and features, such as speaker volume or new mail.
Operating System Software such as Windows 7 or Windows Vista or Mac OS X that controls the basic operations of your computer
Pin To attach a program icon directly to the Start menu or task bar for easy access
Pointer The tip of a pointing device as it appears on the screen.
Pointing Device A device that allows users to navigate and interact with a computer.
Recycle Bin Wastebasket icon on the windows desktop where items are deleted and from which they can be restored
Start Button Centralized starting point that brings up menus and other options.
Taskbar The area at the bottom of the Windows screen that contains the Start button as well as program or window buttons for opening programs.
Window A work area in Windows containing a user interface.
Window Aero Windows Vista graphic interface that includes transparency for windows and dialogue boxes.
Created by: ReaganLassiter