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particles that make are in a state of constant motion
when a warm object is brought near a cool object, the cool object will warm up
which of the following is not a change from liquid to a gas state condensation
a gas_____fills its container completely
the physical state of a type of matter depends mostly upon how its____are arranged and how they move atoms and molecules
different objects don't heat at the same rate because they have different specific heats
the net upward force caused by displaced fluid is buoyant force
solids made up of particles of matter arranged in repeating geometric patterns are crystalline solids
the energy of moving particles is called kinetic energy
if an object's density is less than that of the fluid it is in, it will float
when the attractive forces holding particles together are strong enough to hold them together as a group, but not in a fixed position, they form a liquid
the_____remains constant when a liquid reaches its boiling point temperature
the higher the temperature of matter the,____ the particles are moving faster
the formula for pressure is p=F/A
the formula for density D=m/V D=m/V
a characteristic that is observed by your senses is physical property
the formula for density is d=m/v
box a and box b both weigh the same amount. but box a is smaller than box b, which is more dense box a
rain is an example of_____state of matter liquid
humidity is an example of a______state of matter gas
ice is an example of______state of matter solid
which of the following is an example of a size-dependent property volume
which of the following is not acidic distilled water
acidic substances are sour
basic substances taste bitter
which of the following is an example of a chemical property the ability to burn
when acids and bases react, they form salts
which of the following can be a characteristic of both a physical and a chemical change change in color
table salt can be formed from sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid
a baked cake is a good example of a chemical property
a change in size shape or phase of matter without the matter changing chemically physical change
a way to describe how matter reacts with other matter chemical property
the process by which a certain substance becomes a different substance chemical change
when iron reacts with oxygen it corrodes to form a new substance and is an example of a slow chemical change rusting
a chemical change in which one or more substances is changed chemical reactions
a chemical property describing how a substance burns flammability
process of plants producing energy oxygen and water by taking in carbon dioxide water and the suns energy photosynthesis
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