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Petty Career

Career Readiness Terms

Cover Letter a document sent with your resume to provide additional information on your skills and experience
Credibility the quality of being believable or worthy of trust
Cyber bulling sending mean or threating messages online, usually anonymously
Deviate to depart from the established course
Employer a person that makes use or occupies/employees someone for wages or salary
Ethics moral principles
Financial Literacy the ability to understand how money works in the world
Future Building getting prepared and learning how to build a better and brighter future
Impact the difference one has made during a certain job or activity
Internet Safety knowledge of maximizing the user's personal safety and security risks to private information associated online
Leadership person who guides and directs a group
Motivated to be enthused about something
Objective a purpose or a goal
Plagiarism the use of another author's thoughts or words without authorization and the representation of that author's work as one's own
Portfolio examples of work that can be shown to potential employers
Positive Indicators points that show that one has the smarts and savvy for the job
Professional following an occupation as a means of livelihood or for gain
Resume a written account of qualifications and experiences prepared by a job applicant
Soft Skills desirable qualities for employment that do not depend on acquired knowledge; they include common sense, and positive flexible attitude
Strategic pertaining to, characterized by, or the nature of strategy
Volunteer a person who performs a service willingly and without pay
References a list of professional or person contacts willing to recommend you for a job
Flair unnecessary items used to gain attention
Personal Information some information needs to stay private and not be shared with employers
Priority something given special attention
Expertise skill or knowledge, know-how
Credentials a qualification, achievement, personal quality or aspect of a persons background typically when used to indicate that they are suitable for something
Buzzwords a word or phrase, often and item of jargon, that is fashionable
Target something one is aiming for
Achievement something accomplished, especially by superior ability, special effort
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