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IC3 Unit 1 Chapter 3

fast Internet connection that uses the same wires as a telephone company ADSL
a platform designed to run older versions of software backward compatible
a program designed for use with Apple Corporation products that allows the user to choose either the Mac OS or the Windows operating system when the computer is turned on Boot Camp
fast connection to the Internet that is always active; about 30 times faster than telephone voice lines Broadband
cuts off power on a power strip in case of a short circuit in the equipment; helps to eliminate a potential fire hazard circuit breaker
the range between the darkest black and the brightest white on a screen contrast ratio
rearranging data on a hard disk to eliminate fragmented files and to maximize the storage capacity of a hard drive by writing files on adjacent sectors defragmenting
program that enables the computer’s processor commands to be carried out by a device such as a printer, camera, scanner, or smartphone; written for specific platforms and devices driver
used to transfer digital signals directly from the PC to a monitor; part of the computer’s video card DVI port
a type of network connection that provides fast, wired network connectivity using a port on the computer; wires are larger than wires used for telephone line connections Ethernet
files that are broken up and stored in different places on the disk causing a computer to take longer to access the files fragmented
software that is copyrighted by the programmer but is available for use without charge freeware
a stack of thin, rigid metal disks that are read and written to in magnetic form hard disk
the complete unit of hard disks and heads sealed in a metal box used to store data hard drive
a port that transfers digital image data used by multimedia devices such as DVD players and laptop computers HDMI
component of a hard drive used to read and write data in magnetic form to a hard disk head
fins (radiator) attached to a processor; used to channel heat away from the motherboard heat sink
platform that uses Intel processors and DOS or Microsoft Windows operating systems; currently referred to as PC-compatible IBM-compatible
connectors that fit over pairs of pins on a computing device such as a hard drive jumpers
older version of software or an older model of a device legacy
open-source, free operating system that works with Intel-compatible processors Linux
model of personal computer made by Apple Corporation; a computer operating platform for computers made by Apple Corporation Mac (Macintosh)
the main circuit board of the computer where the CPU is located motherboard
two or more microprocessors on one integrated circuit chip that increases the performance of a computer multi-core processor
source code for software that is available to anyone for use or modification such as the Linux operating system open source
suite of free productivity applications that run on the Linux platform and other platforms OpenOffice
operating system from Apple Corporation that works with processors made to its specifications OS X
the combination of an operating system and hardware; the three most common personal computer platforms are Windows, Mac OS, and Linux platform
extension cord with additional electrical receptacles; may contain a circuit breaker or surge protectors Power Strip
amount of time it takes to change the color of a pixel on an LCD monitor; also referred to as response rate response time
measurement of the spin rate of hard disks revolutions per minute (rpm)
free software for which the user voluntarily pays a fee if the software is continued to be used shareware
extension cord with a box of additional electrical receptacles; often includes a circuit breaker that cuts off power to the computer in case of a short circuit in the equipment Surge Suppressor
a video card port used to connect video devices to a computer that uses two analog signals and has limited resolution S-Video port
converts electrical voltage from high to low or low to high; often used when traveling internationally transformer
software that is available for a limited period of time after which the software stops working unless a license is purchased trial version
unit with battery power that provides temporary power during power outages and includes functions of a plug strip with surge suppression UPS
video connection standard between computers and monitors that uses an analog signal for each of the primary colors VGA
type of memory specifically dedicated to the display, housed on the motherboard or on a graphic card video RAM (VRAM)
memory designated on the hard drive when RAM has been exhausted by the current computing session virtual memory
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