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River of the world: countries, importance, and outflow

Characteristics - InfoRiver
Begins in Colorado and flows through Kansas,Oklahoma, and Arkansas and then into the Mississippi Arkansas
Begins in Colorado and flows into Utah, Arizona,and Nevada, then forms the Arizona-California border before emptying into the Gulf of California—it flows through Arizona’s Grand Canyon Colorado
Begins in the Canadian Rockies in British Columbia, flows into Washington and along the Washington-Oregon border before emptying into the Pacific Ocean Columbia
River in New York that rises in the Adirondacks and empties into the Atlantic Ocean at New York City Hudson
River flowing from Lake Itasca in Minnesota and emptying into the Gulf of Mexico - Longest river in North America Mississippi
River flowing from the Jefferson River in Montana and emptying into the Mississippi River Missouri
River beginning in Pittsburgh and emptying into the Mississippi in Illinois—it forms the southern borders of Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois and the northern boundaries of West Virginia and Kentucky Ohio
River forming the boundary between Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia and flowing past Washington, D.C., and Mount Vernon—it rises in the Allegheny Mountains and empties into the Chesapeake Bay Potomac
River rising in Colorado, flowing into New Mexico, and then Texas—it forms the boundary between Mexico and the U.S. and its name means “large river” Rio Grande
river from Lake Ontario that empties into the Gulf of St.Lawrence—it links the Atlantic Ocean with the Great Lakes, makes up part of New York’s border, and is called the “Mother of Canada” St. Lawrence
river rising in Wyoming in Yellowstone National Park and joining the Columbia River in Washington Snake
Tributaries of Lake Victoria, Africa, empties into the Mediterranean Sea, Longest river in Africa Nile
Begins in the Glacier-fed lakes of Peru, empties into the Atlantic Ocean, Longest river in South America Amazon
Begins on a Tibetan plateau in China and empties into the China Sea, Longest river in Asia Chang Jiang (Yangtze)
River begins in the Tibetan highlands and empties into the South China Sea Mekong
Begins on the Valdai plateau in Russia and empties into the Caspian Sea, Longest river in Europe Volga
River begins in the Himalayas and empties into the Arabian Sea Indus
Begins in the Black Forest of Germany and empties into the Black Sea Danube
Confluence of Murat Nehri and Kara Su rivers in Turkey, empties into Shatt-al-Arab, provided much of the water that supported the development of ancient Mesopotamian culture Euphrates
Begins in the central part of Eastern Highlands of Australia and empties into Murray River, Longest river in Australia Darling
Begins in the Australian Alps,travels through New South Wales ending in the Indian Ocean Murray
Head of Bow River in western Alberta, Canada, this river ends in the Hudson Bay Nelson
Begins in the Himalayas and empties into the Bay of Bengal Ganges
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