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N.M.D.D Vocabulary

percolated (p.2) filter down or pass through
sarcasm (p.6) harsh or bitter humor
fluke (p.7) accident, lucky break
mediocre (p.7) average, ordinary, moderate
titan (p.7) a person of great size, strength, and power
consoled (p.8) comforted, calmed down
wheedled (p.9) trying to persuade or influence
bamboozled (p.9) to try to trick, fool, or mislead
Finished Upper Vocabulary Finished Upper Vocabulary
solidarity (p.20) union, fellowship, agreement
stampede (p.20) sudden, crowded rush in one direction
slouch (p.20) standing or walking in a drooped, lazy way
mulling (p.21) to think or consider carefully
feeble (p.22) weak, lacking strength or volume
reverie (p25) daydream, lost in deep thought
uncanny (p27) extraordinary or beyond normal ability
valid (p34) justified, effective, reasonable
phony (p35) fake, not real or believable
Defiance challenge, opposition, or rebellion
Peevishly Showing annoyance or irritation
Brandished To shake or wave as a weapon
Ricocheted Bounced or rebounded off a surface
Cringed To shrink, bend, or crouch in fear
Stake To have a claim or involvement in something
Resignation Submission, acceptance, compliance
Savored To appreciate or enjoy