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CIS 110 Chapter 5

2014 Digital Safety and Security

A computer should be ____________ protected. password
With _________ storage, you can retrieve your data anytime from anywhere with internet connections. cloud
_____________ inspect data transmitted between a computer and external recipients to prevent unauthorized access to data. firewalls
____________ displays unwanted advertisements in a banner or pop-up. Adware
_________ is something that does something bad to your computer, and often comes in the form of viruses, Trojans, or worms. Malware
_________ are used by commercial web sites to customize web pages cookies
A _____ is used to take over a remote computer to perform malicious work by a hacker. bot
_____________ is software that is secretly installed on a computer, tracking and transmitting personal data without your knowledge and/or permission. spyware
_______ is a high-level encryption for wireless devices. WPA2
__________ is the term that is used to identify the computer user is who they say they are. authentication
Strong ___________ include upper, lower case characters, special symbols, numbers, and are not words that can be found in the dictionary. password
________ is your unique name to identify yourself to a computer system. username
Some _________are built into the operating systems. firewalls
_________ is a scam that appears to be an email with a genuine message or web site, but tries to get you to reveal sensitive, personal information. phishing
A ____ is a type of malware that spreads on its own, without human intervention. worm
________ is used to collect bits of information, such as your surfing habits. spyware
______ can easily be spread through e-mail attachments. virus
A slow internet connect can be the result of ___________. piggybacking
Intellectual ________ is a legal term for the ownership of an intangible asset, such as an idea. property
____ is also known as an end-user license agreement. EULA
_____ is the illegal copying and distribution of copyrighted software. piracy
____ is a technology used to fight software piracy and prevent unauthorized copying of digital content DRM
Energy ______ devices draw power even when they are turned off or in standby mode. vampire
It is ethical to download a presentation video from the _____________ and use it in a presentation. public domain
IT code of conduct lists ___________ things a computer can do on a computer system ethical
_________ is a group of programs, such as worms, virus, trojons and rootkits, that perform some "bad" service on your computer. malware
Digital certificates are valid for _____ years. two
To safeguard your personal information, it is recommended that you clear the ______ file when you are finished browsing the internet. history
Files are ___________ when backups are loaded back onto the computer. restored
A __________ DoS attack uses multiple unsuspecting computers to attack multiple computer networks. distributed
_________ is often used by advertising firms to collect information concerning browsing habits. spyware
Content ___________ is often used in business to limit employee's web access to certain sites. filtering
Many sites require a user to enter a _____, which is a private combination of characters associated with a user name that allows access to certain computer resources password
Approximately 25% of ________ connections are unsecured, leaving them susceptible to hackers. What was that percentage? wireless
A ___________ is a group of compromised computers connected to a network that attacks other networks botnet
The term _____ refers to the destructive event or prank the program is intended to deliver payload
You must first ________ encrypted data to turn it into a readable form. decrypt
Websites use a session _________ to keep track of items in a shopping cart. cookie
____________ is the software license for an individual user, and explains the terms of usage. EULA
Bots are used to perform a ________ task. bot
A _________ site uses encryption techniques to protect its data. secure
____________ is used to discover, collect, and analyze evidence found on computers and networks?. digital forensics
A ________ license is used to allow multiple users access to software on a server simultaneously. network
A ___ license is used to permits users to install the software on multiple computers, usually at a volume discount. site
___________ are used to record, save, an then execute a set of keystrokes and instructions repeatedly. macros
__________ refers to the rights in which creators are entitled to recognition/compensation for their work. intellectual property
A ____ backup copies all files in a computer. full
___________ gives authors and artists the exclusive rights to duplicate, publish, and sell their materials? copyright
A script kiddie has the same intent as a _____, but does not have the technical skills and knowledge that the second group has. cracker
A certificate ___________ authenticates and verifies a person or company. authority
A digital security _____ is any event or action that could cause a loss of or damage to computer hardware, software, data, risk
A _________ is someone who demands payment in order to stop an attack on an organization’s technology infrastructure. cyberextorntionist
A cookie is a small ____ file that a web server stores on a user’s computer. text
A ____ provides the mobile user with a secure connection to the company network server? vpn
Information ___________ refers to the right of individuals and companies to deny or restrict the collection and use of information about them. privacy
____ refers to unique and original works such as ideas, inventions, writings, art, processes, company and product names, and logos. IP; intellectual property
Biometric devices are the most ______ method of identification and notification reliable
_______ describe a scam in which a website includes a button, image or link that contains a malicious program? clickjacking
___________ up refers to making a copy of the file. backing
Software used by cybercriminals is referred to as _______. crimeware
With a three-generation backup policy, the ______ is the oldest copy of the file. grandparent
________ backups are used when one is able to choose which folders and files to include in a backup. selective
__________ are effective in blocking computer-generated attempts to access a website because it is generally easy for humans to recognize distorted characters but impossible for computers to recognize. CAPTCHA
Product ________ uses an identification number that associates your new software purchase with the mobile device on which you installed the software activation
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