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PCOM #04d

PCOM Points - H/S, L/C & X/C (Marianne's class defs)

FunctionCategoryPointPin YinEnglish
(1) clears upper burner heat; (2) discharges LU fire; (3) downbears counterflow qi H/S LU5 CHI ZI Cubit Marsh
(1) courses evil heat; (2) courses wind and resolves the exterior; (3) disinhibits the joints; (4) eliminates water-dampness; (5) harmonizes qi and blood H/S LI11 QU CHI Pool at Bend
(1) breaks blood stasis in the chest; (2) courses wind and transforms dampness; (3) dispels pathogens and prevents disease; (4) frees and regulates qi & blood of the channels; (5) harmonizes the Intestines and disperses stagnation; (6) rectifies the SP an H/S ST36 ZU SAN LI Leg 3 Miles
(1) dispels wind-cold; (2) regulates the SP; (3) regulates the waterways; (4) transforms dampness; (5) warms and moves the central burner H/S SP9 YIN LING QUAN Yin Mound Spring
(1) clears the PC; (2) courses HT qi; (3) stabilizes the spirit-mind; (4) transforms phlegm-drool H/S HT3 SHAO HAI Lesser Sea
(1) clears the spirit-mind; (2) dispels wind qi; (3) dissipates tai yang channel evils; (4) frees SI heat bind H/S SI8 XIAO HAI Small Sea
(1) clears the blood and discharges heat; (2) disinhibits the lumbus and knees; (3) dispels wind-dampness; (4) soothes the sinews and frees the network vessels H/S UB40 WEI ZHONG Middle Bend
(1) boosts the KD and revives yang; (2) regulates the anterior yin H/S KD10 YIN GU Yin Valley
(1) clears construction and cools the blood; (2) downbears counterflow and checks vomiting; (3) eliminates vexation and resolves tetany H/S PC3 QU ZE Marsh at Bend
(1) courses fire qi in the triple burner; (2) transforms phlegm-damp in the channels and network vessels H/S SJ10 TIAN JING Heaven's Well
(1) clears GB heat; (2) courses dampness and stagnation in channels and network vessels; (3) expels wind from the knee and leg; (4) soothes the sinews H/S GB34 YANG LING QUAN Yang Mound Spring
(1) clears damp-heat; (2) disinhibits the bladder; (3) disinhibits the lower burner; (4) drains LV fire; (5) frees the lower burner; (6) soothes the sinews and quickens the network vessels H/S LV8 QU QUAN Spring at Bend
(1) courses the channels and frees the network vessels; (2) diffuses the LU and dispels cold L/C LU7 LIE QUE Broken Sequence
(1) frees the vessels and network vessels; (2) regulates the waterways L/C LI6 PIAN LI Veering Passageway
(1) clears the spirit-mind; (2) harmonizes the ST; (3) transforms phlegm-dampness L/C ST40 FENG LONG Bountiful Bulge
(1) harmonizes the Chong Mai; (2) rectifies qi dynamic; (3) regulates the sea of blood; (4) supplements the SP and ST L/C SP4 GONG SUN Yellow Emperor
(1) quiets the spirit and regulates HT qi L/C HT5 TONG LI Connecting Li
(1) clears the spirit-mind; (2) courses channel evils; (3) resolves exterior heat L/C SI7 ZHI ZHENG Branch to the Correct
(1) dispels Tai Yang channel evils; (2) dissipates wind-damp in the channels and network vessels L/C UB58 FEI YANG Taking Flight
(1) regulates the KD and harmonizes the blood; (2) supplements essence-spirit L/C KD4 DA ZHONG Large Goblet
(1) clears heat and eliminates vexation; (2) downbears counterflow and checks vomiting; (3) harmonizes the ST and relieves pain; (4) loosens the chest and rectifies qi L/C PC6 NEI GUAN Inner Pass
(1) dissipates wind and resolves the exterior; (2) frees the channels and quickens the network vessels; (3) clears heat and resolves toxins L/C SJ5 WAI GUAN Outer Pass
(1) dispels wind and disinhibits dampness; (2) regulates the LV and brightens the eyes L/C GB37 GUANG MING Bright Light
(1) course the LV and rectifies qi; (2) disinhibits damp-heat L/C LV5 LI GOU Woodworm Canal
(1) clears heat and extinguishes wind; (2) harmonizes the ST and downbears counterflow; (3) loosens the chest and rectifies qi; (4) transforms phlegm and suppresses cough L/C CV15 JIU WEI Turtledove Tail
(1) courses and regulates localized channel qi; (2) disperses swelling and relieves pain; (3) harmonizes yin and yang; (4) rectifies intestinal qi and arrests diarrhea L/C GV1 CHANG QIANG Long Strong
(1) leashes sinew and bone; (2) regulates qi and blood L/C SP21 (Great Luo) DA BAO Great Embracement
(1) regulates LU qi and causes LU qi to descend; (2) clears heat; (3) stops bleeding X/C LU6 KONG ZUI Collection Hole
(1) clears heat; (2) stops pain; (3) expels wind; (4) benefits the throat X/C LI7 WEN LIU Warm Dwelling
(1) subdues rebellious ST qi; (2) removes obstructions from the channel; (3) expels dampness and wind X/C ST34 LIANG QIU Beam Hill
(1) removes obstructions from the channel; (2) regulates qi and blood; (3) regulates the uterus; (4) stops pain X/C SP8 DI JI Earth's Crux
(1) nourishes HT yin; (2) clears heat; (3) stops sweating; (4) calms the mind X/C HT6 YIN XI Yin Cleft
(1) benefits sinews; (2) brightens the eyes; (3) removes obstructions from the channel X/C SI6 YANG LAO Nursing the Aged
(1) clears heat; (2) stops pain X/C UB63 JIN MEN Metal Gate
(1) regulates the menses; (2) courses the lower jiao X/C KD5 SHUI QUAN Water Spring
(1) removes obstructions in the channel; (2) stops pain; (3) calms the heart; (4) opens the chest; (5) regulates blood; (6) cools the blood; (7) strengthens the mind X/C PC4 XI MEN Cleft Gate
(1) removes obstructions from the channel; (2) benefits the eyes and ears; (3) stops pain X/C SJ7 HUI ZONG Convergence and Gathering
(1) removes obstructions in the channel; (2) stops pain X/C GB36 WAI QUI Outer Hill
(1) removes obstructions from the channel; (2) promotes smooth flow of LV qi; (3) stops pain X/C LV6 ZHONG DU Central Metropolis
(1) disinhibits the GB and quiets the spirit; (2) soothes the sinews, quickens the blood and relieves pain X/C GB35 (Yang Wei) YANG JIAO Yang Intersection
(1) dispels Tai Yang channel evils; (2) dissipates wind-damp in the channels and network vessels X/C UB59 (Yang Qiao) FU YANG Instep Yang
(1) clears the HT and transforms phlegm; (2) calms fright and quiets the spirit; (3) resolves toxin and relieves pain X/C KD9 (Yin Wei) ZHU BIN Guest House
(1) supplements the KD; (2) regulates the penetrating and conception vessels; (3) clears heat and eliminates dampness X/C KD8 (Yin Qiao) JIAO XIN Intersection Reach
Created by: kellyjelly