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British words and their American equivalents

Aerodrome Airport
Angling Fishing
Barrister Lawyer
Bird Girl
Biscuit Cookie or cracker
Bobby Policeman
Bonnet Hood (of a car)
Boot Trunk (of a car)
Boots Shoes
Braces Suspenders
Buffer Bumper(of a car)
Caravan Trailer
Cheerio Good-bye
Chemist Druggist (or pharmacist)
Chips French fires
Cooker Stove
Cot Baby crib
Cupboard Closet
Draughts Checkers
Dustbin Trash can
Dustman Garbage man
First floor Second floor
Flat Apartment
Football Soccer
Form Grade in school
Garden Yard
Holiday Vacation
Hood Rooftop
Jumper Pullover sweater
Knickers Girl's underpants
Knock up Wake up
Lift Elevator
Loo Toliet or bathroom
Lorry Truck
Mackintosh Raincoat
Maize Corn
Minerals Soft drinks
Monkey-nuts Peanuts
Multiple shop Chain store
Naked lights Headlights
Nappy Diaper
Naughts-and-crosses Tic-tac-toe
Parking pitch Parking lot
Petrol Gasoline
Plimsolls Sneakers
Post Mail
Pram Baby carriage
Queue Line (of people or vehicles)
Ring up Telephone
Rubber Eraser
Scones Biscuits
Serviette napkin
Solicitor Lawyer
Sponge Cake
Sultanas Raisins
Sweet Dessert
Ta Thank you
Tap Faucet
Telly Television
Tin Can
Torch Flashlight
Trunk call Long distance call
Tube Subway
Tuck Snack
Underground Subway
Waistcoat Vest
Water closet (WC) Toilet
Wellingtons Boots
Wireless Radio
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