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Italian Words

Italian Words/Phrases used in English

Italian WordEnglish meaning
Al dente Not overcooked; still hard when eaten
Al fresco (or alfresco) Out-of-doors; in open air
Amore Love
Arrivederci Farewell, until we meet again
Bambino Infant or child
Basta Stop! or Enough!
Bravura Display of daring
Brio Spirit, vivacity
Cappuccino. Coffee with milk sprinkled with chocolate
Ciao Hello! or So long!
Con amore With love
Cupola Small domelike structure on a roof
(La) dolce vita The good life
Extravaganza Spectacular, elaborate theatrical production
Fiasco Complete failure
Graffiti Slogans, drawings drawn or scratched onto a surface
Grazie Thanks
Grotto Cave; place of retreat
Incognito Unknown, anonymous
Literati Educated and well-read people
Mafia International crime organization
Mafioso Member of the Mafia
Paparazzi Photographers who take pictures of celebrities
Patina Greenish crust on metal; any thin coating resulting from age
Piazza Public square, courtyard
Rotunda Round building or room, especially one with a dome
Terra cotta Hard, brown-red unglazed earthenware used for pottery
Vendetta Any bitter quarrel or feud
Padre Father
Madre Mother
Si Yes
Gelato Ice cream
Prego You're welcome
Buon giorno Good morning
Buona notte Good night
Buona sera Good Evening
bello beautiful
bella nice, beauty
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