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German words

German words used in English

German wordEnglish meaning
Achtung Attention
Angst Dread, anxiety, guilt
Auf Wiedersehen Until we see each other again
Bitte Please; don’t mention it
Blitzkrieg Sudden and swift attack
Danke schön Many thanks
Danke Thanks
Doppelgänger Supposed ghostly double of a living person
Dummkopf Blockhead; very stupid person
Führer (Fuehrer) Leader
Gestapo German secret police
Gesundheit Good health (used after someone has sneezed)
Jawohl Yes
Kaput Ruined; smashed; broken
Kindergarten School for children younger than age 6
Kitsch Trash
Reich State, empire
Reichstag Parliament, legislative body
Sauerkraut Chopped cabbage fermented in brine
Ubermensch Superman
Verboten Forbidden, prohibited, illegal
Wanderlust Desire to travel
Wunderbar Wonderful, great
Ja Yes
Nein No
Guten Tag Hello
Guten morgen Good morning
Guten Abend Good evening
Guten nacht Good night
Mutter Mother
Vater Father
Created by: caddotrouble