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Spanish words

Spanish words/ Phrases used in English

Spanish WordEnglish meaning
Adios Goodbye
Adobe Unburnt; sun-dried brick
Aficionado Enthusiast or sports devotee
Alcazar Castle; fort (especially those built in Spain by the Moors)
Amigo Friend (boy)
Amiga Friend (girl)
Armada Fleet of warships
Barrio Neighborhood, community
Bonanza Very rich vein of ore; any source of great wealth
Bravado Pretended courage
Bronco Wild or untamed horse
Burro Donkey, especially one used as a pack animal
Caballero Horseman; nobleman
Cabaña Hut
Canaveral (cañaveral) Canebreak,(also Florida cape where space shuttles lift off)
Casa House
Chaparral Dense undergrowth
Compadre Companion
Corral Enclosure for confining animals
Costa Coast or coastline
De nada It's nothing
El Dorado Literally “the gilded one,” designating the fictitious land of gold in South America
Feliz Navidad Merry Christmas
Fiesta Festival
Flotilla Fleet of boats or small ships
Hacienda Plantation, or large estate with mansion
Hasta la vista See you later!
Hasta luego (goodbye) until later!
Hasta mañana See you tomorrow!
Hombre Man
Loco Slang for crazy
Mañana Tomorrow
Matador Bullfighter
Mesa Table or plateau
Padre Father; priest
Patio Courtyard; an open porch
Poco a poco Carefully
Poncho Cloak having a hole in the center for fitting over the head
Pronto Quickly, promptly
Pueblo Village; town
Que sera sera What will be, will be
Siesta Afternoon nap
Vamoose Beat it
Vaquero Herdsman; cowboy
Created by: caddotrouble
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