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French Words

French words and their meanings in English

French WordMeaning
A bientot See you later
Adieu Goodbye
A la carte According to the menu, items purchased separtely
A la mode In Fashion; pie served with ice cream
Ambiance Surroundings or atmosphere of room
Au contraire To the contrary, not correct
Au revoir Goodbye (see you later)
Avant garde Creator of new ideas
Beau Woman's sweetheart
Beaucoup A lot of
Bon appetit Enjoy your meal
Bon voyage (Have a) Good journey
Bonjour Good day, good morning, hello
Bonne Chance Gook luck
Bouquet cluster of cut flowers, fragrant smell
Bourgeois Members of the middle class
Boutonniere Flower worn in a buttonhole or on lapel
Brouhaha Uproar, angery
Bureau Chest of Drawers for clothing
Cafe Coffee, small restaurant
Carte blanche complete freedom
C'est la vie That's life
Chef d'oeuvre Masterpiece
Cliche Expression that is now commonplace
Comme ci, comme ca so-so
Connoisseur Expert in a given field
Cordon Bleu One skilled in his field especially a great cook;
Creme de la creme The top level, the very best
Croissant Roll shaped like a new moon
Crouton Piece of dried toast used to garnish a salad
Cuisine General preparation and cooking of food as done by one group or culture
Cul de sac Dead-end street
Début Initial public appearance
Débutante Person making an initial public appearance
Déjà vu Feeling that one has had exactly the same experience before
Double entendre Expression with two meanings
Elite Upper level of society
Enfant terrible Spoiled child
Ennui Boredom
Ensemble Group of people gathered for a specific reason, such as a musical group
Entourage Group of accompanying assistants
Entrée Main course items on a restaurant menu
Entrepreneur Owner of a business
Faux pas “false step,” used to designate a social blunder
Fête Holiday or feast
Fiancée Woman who is engaged to be married
Finesse Finely tuned skill
Fleur de lis Flower of the lily (the French national symbol)
Gâteau cake
Gourmet One who loves food and is a good judge of its quality
Grand Prix Literally “great prize” and designating the Formula One motor racing event
Haute couture High fashion dress-designing
Haute cuisine Fine cooking
Hors d’oeuvre Appetizer
Joie de vivre Joy of life
Joyeux Noël Merry Christmas
Mardi gras Literally “fat Tuesday,” used to designate the festival occurring on Shrove Tuesday
Nonchalance Cool lack of concern
Nouveau riche Someone who recently acquired wealth and status; newly rich
Par excellence The best
Pièce de résistance Main dish at a meal; main item in a series
Potpourri Mixture; mixture of herbs and spices used to scent an area
Rendezvous Place set for a meeting or the meeting itself
Résumé Summary; job applicant’s previous education and employment experience
Tableau Picture
Trousseau Clothes, linen, jewelry or the like of a bride
Vis-à-vis Face to face
Vive la Long live
Voilà There it is; look at that
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