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(CK) Witch 4-8 Chara

(CK) Witch Ch 4-8 Characters

This person is the crippled daughter of Matthew and Rachel's. She is very kind and understanding. She calms everyone. Mercy Wood
This person was on the Dolphin with Kit. He is a student of religion under Rev. Bulkeley and believes whatever Rev. Bulkeley believes. John Holbrook
This person is kind and hardworking. She is rather nervous and always obeys her husband. Rachel Wood
She is the beautiful daughter of Matthew and Rachel Wood. She is self-centered and changes her mind often. Judith Wood
This person is bold and speaks her mind and can be rather stubborn. She misses her home and her grandfather. Katherine (Kit) Tyler
This person is very strict and stern. He is very much against the King of England. He is heartbroken over his sons' deaths. Matthew Wood
He is a wealthy young man who is ready to build his house. He thinks Kit is beautiful and admires her. William Ashby
This man is both a preacher and a doctor. He supports the King of England and he states his opinion often. Rev. Bulkeley
This person lives in a little house at the edge of Blackbird Pond with her cats. People say she is a witch. the Widow Hannah Tupper
His father was the captain of the Dolphin. He warned Kit "only the guilty ones stay afloat" which meant, "don't swim in front of anyone". The last time Kit saw him was when he helped carry her trunks to the Wood's house. Nat Eaton
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