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(CK) Witch 4-8 Comp

(CK) Witch Ch 4-8 Comprehension

Who lives in the house at the edge of Blackbird Pond? Hannah Tupper lives in the house at Blackbird Pond.
What does Matthew call church service? Matthew calls church service a Meeting.
Kit told Mercy that she left Barbados because _________________________. Kit said she left Barbados because an old man who was a friend of her grandfather's wanted her to marry him.
Who was the first man Judith was interested in? Judith was first interested in William Ashby.
The place where church goers went between sermons was called a ____________. Between sermons, church goers went to a Sabbath house.
What did King Charles of England give Connecticut 25 years earlier? King Charles gave Connecticut a charter 25 years earlier.
Who was the Royalist who supported the King of England? Rev. Bulkeley was a Royalist who supported the King of England.
Who was against the King of England? Matthew Wood was against the King.
What is the grassy land that lay within the wide loop of the river called? The grassy land is called the Great Meadow.
William Ashby asked Matthew permission to court whom? William asked Matthew permissionn to court Kit.
Three objects near the Meeting House were the stocks, a pillory, and a _________________. The third object was a whipping post.
What is Matthew's one weakness? Mercy is Matthew's one weakness.
What word proves that Judith questioned her father? Rebellious is a word that describes Judith and proves that she questioned her father.
When Kit went to Meeting, she saw Goodwife Cruff, Prudence, and _________________. Kit also saw John Holbrook at Meeting.
Why did Dr. Bulkeley's prayer upset Kit? Dr. Bulkeley's prayer upset Kit because he referred to Mercy as being weak.
Why did Kit begin to respect William Ashby? Kit began to respect William when he stood up to her uncle.
When Kit wore the dress that Rachel and Mercy made her, Judith was __________________. Judith was nicer to Kit because the dress was like hers and not fancy.
What was it about the Great Meadow that Kit loved so much? The Great Meadow reminded Kit of her home -- Barbados.
How often she would come back she had no way of foreseeing, nor could she know that never in the months to come, would the Meadows break the promise they held for her now, a promise of peace and comfort for a troubled heart. This is an example of _______ Foreshadowing
People in the town say Hannah Tupper is a witch because the river flooded her house, but she came back, they can't persuade her to leave her home, she always has cats around, and ___________________________. Another reason people say Hannah is a witch is because she never goes to Meeting.
What job will Kit help Mercy with during the summer? Kit will help Mercy teach the dame school.
Created by: lindajune