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Manias- Obsession with or craving for something

ManiaObsession with or craving for
Aerochoreomania aerobic dancing
Agoromania open spaces
Arithmomania math or counting
Automania being alone
Bibliomania collecting books
Bibliokleptomania stealing books
Choreomania dancing
Demomania being in crowds
Demonomania delusion of being possessed by evil spirits
Egomania abnormally excessive egotism
Ergomania excessive dedication to work
Gamomania Irresistible craving to get married
Heliomania spending time in the sun
Homicidomania excessive desire to commit murder
Hydrodipsomania drinking water
Hypnomania sleeping
Kleptomania stealing
Logomania talking
Mythomania abnormal obsession to tell lies or exaggerations
Nostomania extreme homesickness
Phonomania making noise
Plutomania becoming wealthy
Pyromania fire
Theomania God or chosen by God
Created by: caddotrouble