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Chapter 5

Shrine Area dedicated to honor God or Goddess
Fresco Watercolor paintings on wet plaster
Strait Narrow water passage
Polis City-State
Acropolis Atop the city
Monarchy Rule by king
Aristocracy Rule by elite (landowners)
Oligarchy Rule by few (business class)
Phalanx Massive formation of foot soldiers
Helot State-Owned slaves (Sparta
Democracy Rule by people
Tyrant One who gains power by force
Legislature 'Law' making body
Alliance formal agreement between two nations
direct democracy large number of citizens with direct role
Stipend Fixed salary
Jury panel of citizens on trial
Ostracism Vote to banish
Logic Rational Thinking
Rhetoric public speaking
Tragedy Play of human suffering ending in disaster
Comedy Humorous play that made fun of people and customs
Assassination Murder of public figure.
Assimilate To absorb
Heliocentric Sun is center.
Created by: LilyKilcrease