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Study or science of certain things that end with -ologies

-ologyStudy or science of
Physical, social, and cultural development of man
Archaeology (archeology) Past human life as shown by fossil relics and the cities monuments, and artifacts left by ancient peoples
Astrology Stars and their influence on human behavior
Audiology Hearing
Bacteriology Bacteria
Biology Living organisms and life processes of plants and animals
Biotechnology Application of the principles of technology to deal with the problems of living organisms
Cardiology Heart and its functions in health and disease
Cetology Whales
Chronology Measuring time
Climatology Climate and climatic conditions
Cosmetology Cosmetics
Cosmology Universe
Criminology Crime
Cryptology Secret codes and ciphers
Cytology Cells
Dendrology Trees
Dermatology Skin and its diseases
Ecology Relations between living organisms and their environment
Embryology Embryo
Entomology Insects
Epidemiology Widespread disease or epidemics
Epistemology Nature, sources, and limits of knowledge
Ethnology Contemporary societies or language groups
Ethology Animal behavior patterns in their natural environments
Etymology Words and word origins
Gastroenterology Digestive system
Genealogy Ancestors
Geology Physical nature and history of the earth
Gerontology Old age
Gynecology Female body functions
Hematology Blood
Herpetology Reptiles and amphibians
Histology Living tissue
Hydrology Water
Ichthyology Fish
Ideology Doctrines or opinions of an individual or a group
Immunology Antigens and antibodies, especially as related to immunity to some injections
Meteorology Atmosphere and atmospheric conditions, especially as related to weather
Microbiology Microorganisms
Mineralogy Minerals
Morphology Form and structure of animals and plants
Musicology Music
Mycology Fungi
Mythology Myths
Nephrology Kidneys
Neurology Nervous system and its disorders
Oncology Abnormal growth of tissues, as tumors
Ophthalmology Eyes, their functions and structure
Ornithology Birds
Osteology Structure and function of bones
Paleontology Prehistoric forms of life as known especially from fossil remains
Pathology Disease
Pharmacology Drugs
Phrenology Shape and bumps of the skull
Physiology Functions and vital processes of living organisms
Pomology Fruit
Psychology Mind and mental and emotional processes
Radiology Radiation
Seismology Earthquakes
Sociology Values and beliefs of societal groups
Speleology Caves
Theology Religion
Toxicology Poisons
Virology Viruses
Volcanology (vulcanology) Volcanoes
Zoology Animal life
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