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Computer Apss Ch.1-4

How does Word indicate a possible misspelled word A red wavy line appears beneath the word
What is the default type face ttypically used in Word Calibri
Which document screen feature displays the buttons for active tasks Taskbar
Which document screen feature is used to select text I-beam pointer
Document names can contain a mazimum of ___ characters 255
Which of the following symbols can be used in file name #
What is a printed document called hard copy
How do you add the Quick Print cutton to the Quick Access toolbar Click the Customize Quick Access Toolbar button and then click Quick Print at the drop down list
What dialog box should you use to rename a previously saved document Save As
How do you move the insertion point to the beginning of a document Press Ctrl + Home
How do you delete the character to the left of the inseriton point Press the Backspace key
When text is selected, _____ displays above the selected text the Mnin toolbar
How do you select a word using the mouse Double-click the word
Which keyboard command allows you to select one line up Shift + Up Arrow
What group contains a button that will allow you to select the entire document Editing
The spelling checker in Word does not proofread your documents
The Spelling & Grammar button is located on which tab REVIEW
Which Spelling task pane button allows you to replacethe selected word in the selected word in the sentence with the selected word in the list box, along with all other occurrences of the Word Change All
The WOrld Help feature allows you to search for a topic, feature, or question
Which of these items is not part of a font type theme
Which option in the FOnt dialog box allows you to designate a font that will be applied automatically to your documents Set As Default
Why would you use a serif typeface for text-intensive documents
A sans serif typeface is a good choice for document headings
Which font effect button should you use to indicate that a portion of a legal document was selected for deletion Strikethrough
Which font effect would you most likely find in a mathematical equation superscript
what does the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + I do turns on the italic font effect
This is a small square containing a digonal-pointing arrow that displays in the lower right corner of a group dislog box launcher
Which group contains a sert of formatting choices including color, font, and effects Document Formatting
One component of a theme is an effects theme. What comprises an effects theme a set of lines & fill effects
By default, paragraphs in a Word document are aligned at this margin left
What is the keyboard shortcut to align text at the left margin Ctrl + L
YOu selected some centered text and pressed Ctrl + Q. What happened to the text alignment It reverted to the default alignment at the left margin
Which of these steps will not indent the first line of a paragraph Press Ctrl +T
This keyboard command will increase the indent of text from the left margin Ctrl + M
How do you create a hanging indent Indent all lines of text except the first
Where is the Spacing Before measurement box located in the Paragraph group on the PAGE LAYOUT tab
What is the default line spacing for a document 1.08
What is the keyboard shortcut to change default line spaing to double spacing Ctrl + 2
What field in the Paragraph dialog box allows you to enter a custom line spacing value At
All of these are options for turning off Numbering except pressing Ctrl + N
How do you insert a line break without a number Press Shift + Enter
Which of the following do you use to tell Word not to apply automatic numbering to a document AutoCorrect dialog box
You have typed several paragraphs of text and decide that you want them numbered. What do you do Select the text and click the Numbering button
How far from the bullet is text indented 0.25 inch
What part of a paragraph can have a border all sides
What happens when you add more text to a paragraph that is surrounded by a border The border will expand to fit the added text
The sort button is located in this group on the HOME tab Paragraph
What does Word use to sort paragraphs the first character of the paragraph
Unless you select the specific paragraphs to be sorted, word will sort the entire document
What are the two methods for setting tabs discussed in Chapter 3 the horizontal ruler and the Tabs dislog box
Word's default tab setting features which tab set every 0.5 inch on the horizontal ruler left tab
You position the arrow pointer on the horizontal ruler, hold down the Alt key, and then hold down the left mouse button. What appears? the measurements of the arrow pointer related to both the left and right margins
How do you change the tabs for text in columns when you have used the New Line command ( Shift + Enter) rather than the Enter key to enter your text Position the insertion point anywhere in the column and change the tab
You need to set the left tab at a specific measurement, so you have opened the Tabs dialog box. In which text box will you type the measurement? Tab stop position
All of the following symbols can be used to create a leader except commas
What icon appears on the Cut button scissors
You cut some text by clicking the Delete key. Now you want to put the text back into the document. What button can you use Undo
You cut some text so you could move it to another spot in your document later. The next morning the text you cut was not on the clipboard. What happened You turned off your computer
You can copy text with the mouse, the Copy button, or this keyboard shortcut. Ctrl + C
You have selected text to be copied. You position the I-beam poiner inside the text. What happens It becomes an arrow pointer
How many items will the Clipboard hold at one time 24
You are pasting items from the Clipbaord into a document. How do you control wehre the items are pasted the document? Position the inersection point in the document where the item is to be pasted before selecting the item from the Clipboard task pane.
If you click on the 100% next to the Zoom slider, what displays The Zoom dialog box
What tool on the Status bar allows you to increase or decrease the size of the document view The Zoom slider bar
You came to Read Mode view from Print Layout view and want to go back. What keyboard command do you use? Esc
All of the following options display when clicking the Ribbon Display Options button except Move Ribbon
What display above the tabs in the Navigation pane a search text box
What happens to the margins if the page orientation is changed to landscape The margins change automatically
What happens when you select Custom Margins from the Margins button drop-down list in the Page Setup group The Page Setup diaglog box launches with the Margins tab selected
What is the keyboard shortcut to insert a page break Ctrl + Enter
Remove a hard page break by displaying nonprinting characters, positioning the intersection point on the page break and then pressing this key Delete
A predesigned cover page might contain this feature that allows you to enter information a placeholder
How do you change the page number formatting in a document Double-click the page number, select the text, and change the formatting
What is a watermark a lightened image that appears behind the text
The Page Border tab of the Bordrs and Shading dialog box lets ou change each of these border attributes except distance from margin
What appears when you click the Find button the Navigation pane
What does the Reading Highlight button do uses the Find feature to highlight all occurrences of the specified word
What keyboard shortcut can you use to find and replace text in document Ctrl + H
You want to change the font size of all the headings in your report. What button in the Find and Replace dialog should you use? Format
Created by: Journey Edge
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