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FRN Vocabulary

At the bank

la banque the bank
la succursale the branch, annex
le bureau de change the foreign exchange counter
l'achat et la vente the buy and sell
les devises the foreign currency (f)
l'argent the money (m)
changer to change
changer 100 dollars en euros to change 100 dollars to euros
les chèques de voyage the traveler's checks (m)
l'argent liquide the cash (m)
Combien vaut le dollar aujourd'hui? How much is the dollar worth today?
le taux de change le cours de change le cours de devises the exchange rate (3 words)
une hausse the rise, elevation, or hike of the price
une baisse the drop, fall, or decrease
les frais la commission the expenses (n.m.pl.), the commission charge (2 words)
une pièce d'identité an identification card
signer to sign, to endorse
le caissier the cashier, the teller
la caisse the cashier's window
le centime the cent, penny
le billet the bill, note, or banknote
la monnaie the coins
monnayer to make money out of__, to sell to give change for
l'euro centime l'euro cent French euro coins (2 words)
une pièce de un dollar a one-dollar coin in Canada (locally called a "loonie")
régler le compte payer le compte to pay the account / to pay the bill (2 words)
la facture le compte the bill the account, the bill
payer comptant to pay in cash
toucher un chèque encaisser un chèque to cash a check (2 words
des grosses coupures des grosses billets large bills (f), large bills (m) (2 words)
des petites coupures, des grosses billets small bills (f), small bills (m) (2 words)
me donner la monnaie de
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