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Scarlet Letter

Final Novel Test

In which century did Hawthorne write The Scarlet Letter 19th
What are the three main points of Puritan theology Predestination, providence, and original sin
What is Chillingworth’s most serious sin He allows his mind to become overpowered by a desire for revenge
What is Dimmesdale’s most serious sin He preaches to his congregation about sin when he is himself a sinner
What is the community’s most serious sin Treating Hester as a scapegoat for its sins
What is the setting of the novel Boston, 1690
Hawthorne suggests in Chapter 1 that in every community there are two portions of soil automatically allotted to what Cemetery, prison
“It may serve, let us hope, to symbolize some sweet moral blossom that may be found along the track, or relieve that darkening close of a tale of human frailty and sorrow” refers to what Rosebush
What does Hester think of as she stands on the scaffold Her childhood
How long has Hester’s husband been away from her Two years
Dimmesdale speaks to Hester during the first scaffold scene to convince her to do what Identify Pearl’s father
Who is the man Hester recognizes in the crowd Her husband
When Hester left the prison, how did she feel about her future After standing on the scaffold, she could live through anything
When Chillingworth comes to Hester in prison, what does she ask him If he would avenge himself on Pearl
What request does Chillingworth make of Hester To keep his identity a secret
What is Chillingworth’s real reason for not revealing his true identity He would be better able to discover Hester’s partner in sin
How did Chillingworth set himself up in the colony As a physician
In order to support herself and Pearl, how does Hester earn a living Embroidering for the villagers
Why did Hester go to Governor Bellingham’s residence To deliver a pair of gloves and to appeal to him not to take Pearl away
How was Pearl dressed when they went to the governor’s in a crimson dress embroidered in gold thread
What arrangements were made for the living quarters of Chillingworth and Dimmesdale Lodged in the same house
Who interceded on Hester’s behalf regarding custody of Pearl Dimmesdale
Who is Mistress Hibbins Governor Bellngham’s sister
In his conversation with Chillingworth, Dimmesdale suggests that men have a valid reason to bury secrets in their hearts and not confess. What does he argue Only God can judge sin
What does Dimmesdale do to punish himself Fasts, whips himself, keeps vigils
While on the scaffold the second time, what does Pearl ask Dimmesdale If he will stand with them at noon
What is found on the scaffold after the minister’s vigil Glove
Who witnessed Dimmesdale’s anguish with Hester and Pearl on the scaffold Chillingworth
When Hester meets Chillingworth near the seashore what does she ask permission to do Reveal his identity to Dimmesdale
Pearl keeps asking her mother what three questions Why do you wear the letter, what does the letter mean, why does the minister keep his hand over his heart
When Chillingworth suggests that Hester remove the letter, what does she say When it is time, it will fall off on its own
After the meeting in the forest what do Hester and Dimmesdale decide to do Leave town together
The villagers thought that Pearl’s character and actions were influenced by what / whom The Evil One
When Pearl wonders why Hester wears the scarlet letter, what does she ask If it is for the same reason the minister keeps his hand over his heart
When Hester and Dimmesdale talk in the forest, what does Hester do Removes the letter and throws it down near the brook
What does Dimmesdale’s confession follow Election Day Sermon
Where did Dimmesdale die Scaffold
The Puritan community held what beliefs about the presence of Dimmesdale’s letter He inflicted it on himself, Chillingworth inflicted it on him with magic and drugs, it gnawed outward from his innermost heart
Why did Hester return to the town at the end of the novel This was the scene of her sin, and here she hoped to repent
Where was Hester buried Near Dimmesdale
Pearl was an heiress to whose fortune Chillingworth’s
The community that Hawthorne describes was composed of what kind of people Strict Puritans
In the course of the story, the scarlet letter is interpreted in what ways Adultery, angel, able
What does the forest represent to Hester and Dimmesdale Freedom
How is truth revealed throughout the novel Full brightness of the noonday sun
What is Hester’s most memorable quality Her strength
Which character best embodies the freedom and innocence of nature Pearl
The characters and their names are often used symbolically. Which adjective best describes the symbolic meaning of the name Pearl Of great price
What does the A mean to Dimmesdale A reminder of hidden sin
With what issues does The Scarlet Letter deal Love, sin, human weakness
Where does the main action of the novel take place Boston
The rosebush outside the prison is supposed to have sprung up in the footsteps of whom Anne Hutchinson
Until his confession, the only people besides the minister himself to know the truth about his guilt are Hester, Chillingworth, and who Mistress Hibbins
In what century does the main action of The Scarlet Letter take place 17th
Where do the three most crucial scenes in the novel take place Scaffold
What is the original significance of the scarlet letter A embroidered on Hester’s gown Adulterer
What is Chillingworth’s relationship with Hester Husband
Who suggests Dimmesdale and Chillingworth live in the same house Chillingworth
How do the townspeople who see the red A in the sky interpret it Angel
What frequent action of Dimmesdale’s foreshadows the presence of something hidden Putting his hand to his chest
When Hester and Arthur have their conversation in the forest, how long has it been since their last private conversation Seven years
How do Hester, Arthur, and Pearl plan to leave town Ship
Where is the one place that Dimmesdale is safe from Chillingworth Scaffold
Hawthorne suggests that the wild rosebush that grows outside of the prison door is symbolic of what “A sweet moral blossom” that could “relieve this tale of human frailty and suffering.”
What does the scarlet letter look like Artistically done, with elaborate embroidery and flourishes of gold thread
In relation to age, Hester’s husband is . . . much older than she
To support herself and Pearl, Hester sells needlework for all public ceremonies except which Weddings
When asked who created her, what does Pearl reply The wild rosebush outside the prison door
What is Hester’s response when she hears that the Puritan Council might allow her to remove the scarlet letter She indicates only God can remove the letter
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