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(CK) Outsiders 5-7 C

(CK) Outsiders Ch 5-7 Comprehension

At the store, Johnny bought a deck of cards, a copy of Gone with the Wind, some baloney, and ________. a bottle of peroxide
Why did Ponyboy resist cutting off his hair? His hair was a symbol of pride.
While reading Gone with the Wind, Johnny said Dally reminded him of ____________________. Johnny said Dally reminded him of a gallant Southern gentleman.
Why was Ponyboy so glad to see Dally? Dally meant contact with the outside world.
What is funny about the way Soda signed his letter to Pony? Soda signed his last name, and he and Pony are brothers.
Dally did NOT want Johnny to turn himself in to the police because he was afraid that jail would _____________. Dally was afraid that jail would harden Johnny into a hoodlum like him.
Johnny thought he should turn himself in because he doesn't want Darry and Soda worrying about Pony, he doesn't have a police record, he doesn't want to stay in the church all his life, and ________. Johnny also thought Pony and Cherry would testify for him.
Jerry told Ponyboy that he thought Pony and his friends were either sent from heaven or were professional heroes. This is an example of what? Irony
When does Ponyboy finally realize that Darry really does love him? Pony realizes Darry loves him when he sees Darry crying in the hospital.
How did Pony's point of view toward Darry change from the beginning of the book to the end of Chapter 6? At the beginning, Pony thought Darry did NOT care about him at all, but now (at end of Ch 6), he realizes that Darry really does love him.
What was the headline in the newspaper regarding the church fire? JUVENILE DELINQUENTS TURN HEROES
The newspaper article stated that the Curtis brothers should not be separated, Cherry and Randy both said Johnny killed Bob in self-defense, and __________________. The article also said that Johnny would be charged with manslaughter.
Randy told Ponyboy that Bob really wanted his parents to _____________. Randy said Bob really wanted his parents to discipline him.
When Randy told Ponyboy bye, he said, "Thanks, grease." Then he added, "I didn't mean that. I meant, thanks, kid." The fact that he changed what he said means that Randy sees Pony as what? Randy sees Pony as a person and not just a greaser.
The water from the pump was like liquid ice and it tasted funny, but it was water. This sentence is an example of __________. The water was like liquid ice is a simile because it compares the water to liquid ice and uses the word "like".
Created by: lindajune