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Julius Caesar vocab

from the play

abridge to shorten
affaable friendly, courteous,amiable
alchemist one who practices medieval chemistry. tries to change metals into gold
ascend to move upward, to rise from a lower station
augury an omen or prophecy
prophecy predicting that something will happen in the future
augment to make greater or to add to (supplement)
baseness lacking high values
bequeath to hand down, to give or to leave in a will
bestow to grant or to give
clamor loud noise or shouting
conceit excessively high opinion of one's own worth or ability
confound to cause soomeone to become confused
contaminant something that causes something to be unhealthy or polluted
covert secret; concealed
crave to desire intensely
derision to ridicule or mock; make fun of
enfranchise to give something as a person's right (right to vote; citizenship)
engender to cause, produce or create
entreaty a plea or passionate request (to entreat someone; to beg)
exalt to praise, to hold up as an example or idol
flourish to grow well; to thrive
gravity serious importance
grievous severe suffering (grave)
hideous very ugly; offensive or shocking
homage respectful actions; showing how you honor someone or something through your actions
indignation anger about something that is unjust
instigation causing trouble; urging others to do something wrong (inciting a riot)
kindle to start a fire; to stir things up
knotty so complicated that it can't be solved
lament to mourn or show sorrow through loud cries and actions
legacy a gift or inheritance written in a will; what is handed down from ancestors
malice desire to hurt or harm others
melancholy when a person feels sad or depressed
mettle courage or spirit (showing what you are made of)
mirth gladness with laughter (merriment)
muse to think about something; to ponder
mutinous rebellious; not willing to do what your are told or follow orders
obscure difficult to see; vague (unclear)
ominous threatening
portent a sign or forewarning; (evil omen)
prodigious extraordinarily large amount; great in size or quantity
prodigy someone with extraordinary talent or powers; accomplishes great things
prostration laying down due to a lack of energy; being completely overcome by emotion
replicate to repeat or copy (duplicate)
reputable having a good reputation
revere to honor, to regard with respect
rhetoric using words effectively in speaking and writing; fancy language
rout to make the opposition scatter; to beat in battle; to force out (expel)
servile act like a servant; overly submissive
soothsayer a person who is able to predict the future; a seer (oracle)
spurn to reject; turn away with hostility
sterile cannot have children; incapable of reproducing
taper to decrease in width or thickness (a tapered candle); to slowly reduce (taper off)
tarry to linger; to delay in coming or going
unassailable cannot be disputed; can not be attacked successfully
vanquished conquered; overpowered
vexation something that makes a person feel discomfort or distress
vouchsafe to grant in a condescending manner
vulgarity something offensive to people of good taste and high class.
Created by: jbibliophile
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