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Characterization Vocabulary

Characterization is the author’s process of making a character seem real.
Direct Characterization the author tells the reader directly about the character. (Things like appearance, age, occupation, and sometimes personality traits.)
Indirect Characterization things the reader must infer about a character by their actions, words, and thoughts (character traits)
Protagonist the main character in a story (the good guy)
Antagonist the character or obstacle that gets in the protagonist’s way in solving the problem of the novel.
Flat character a character that you do not know well – they have only 1 or 2 traits.
Round character a character that you know a lot about – they have many different traits (5 or more).
Static character a character who stays the same throughout the whole story
Dynamic character a character who changes over time, usually as a result of resolving a central conflict or facing a major crisis.
Minor character less important characters that help move the plot forward
Major characters the characters experience the problem of the novel and who are necessary to the resolution of the problem.
Created by: mrsgannon