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Donovan is accidently put in a gifted school

What is the name of the superintendent who tries to find Donovan? Mr. Schlutz
What was the dance at the Academy based on? Valentines day
What is the name of the robot? Tin Man Metallica Squarepants
Who is the author of Ungifted? Gordon Korman
Who helped Donovan cheat on the test? Abigail
What's the name of Katie's child? Tina Mandy Patterson
What is the name of Katie's husband? Brad Patterson
What is the name of Brad's dog? Beatrice
Who did Donovan show YouTube to? Noah
What class did Katie teach so the gifted students wouldn't go to summer school? Human and Growth Development
What breed is Beatrice? Chow Chow
Who are Donovan's best friends? Sanderson and Nussbaum Daniel
What is the name of the middle school that Donovan started at? Hardcastle Middle School
What is the name of the gifted school? The Academy for Scholastic Distinction
What is the name of the titan statue at the middle school? Atlas
What was Donovan's job in the robotics club? He put pictures and controlled Tin Man
What does Katie's husband do and where is he? He is a marine and is in Afghanistan
What does Donovan like to do? Go on ancestry.com
What school wins in every robotics competition? Cold Spring Harbor
What does Donovan call Cold Spring Harbor's robot? Pot-zilla
Created by: LOLZ_GABBY