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Civil War Battles

Civil War Battles, States where they took place, and Discription

First Bull Run (Manassas)- Virginia people watched as they picnicked -Union commander was McDowell -stone bridge was destroyed-Stonewall Jackson got his nickname here-McDowell replaced by McClellan after his failure
Peninsular Campaign - Virginia Jackson kept the Union from invading Piedmont -Fort Monroe near Yorktown-Lee crushed the Union at the first of the Seven Days’ Battles-campaign launched by McClellan to get James River- Lee replaced Johnson-retreat to Harrison Landing
2nd Bull Run - Virginia win for Lee and Jackson-pushed Union forces to Washington D.C.; Lincoln replaces McClellan with Pope -George Taylor rebellion destroyed union bridge -Stony Ridge: Stripley and Kearny under Jackson -Union troops unable to take Centreville
Antietam (Sharpsburg) - Maryland Started when Hooker’s corps assaulted Lee-Burnside crossed battle creek- halted Confederate advance on Washington following 2nd Bull Run-single bloodiest day of the war-battle plans discovered in cigar box let Lincoln issue Emancipation Proclamation
Fredericksburg (Marye’s Heights) - Maryland -Ambrose Burnside replaced McClellan – tried to cross the Rappahannock river -The Mud March-lack of pontoon boats -Lee not ready because he had split his troops; Lee watched from Telegraph hill -Meade and Burnside are beat
Chancellorsville - Maryland Stonewall Jackson loses his life (pneumonia) -cannonball hit the chancellor House knocking Hooker unconscious -Lee challenged crossing of Kelly’s Ford by Hookere-battle plan under George Stoneman to raid opponent’ssupply and communication lines
Gettysburg - Pennsylvania farthest north of Confederate advance-Lee, Hill, and Ewell-JEB Stuart -Cemetery Ridge and Little and Big round tops, Lee low on supplies-Pickett’s charge through open filed where he was decimated-Custer’s cavalry forces on Cress Ridge
Overland Campaign (Wilderness) - Virginia (mainly) -first clash between Grant and Lee -where Hill and Ewell held line -Spotsylvania Court House; repelled Meade at Bloody Angle -trenches similar to WWI -Cold Harbor: last battle
Petersburg Appomattox - Virginia -Burnside built a mine-Battle of the Crater -Coal miners detonated four tons of powder; ran out of supplies -Five Forks, Lee surrendered at Appomattox Court House-Beauregard was hero of the early assaults, Meade and grantgo over 20 miles of trenches
Shiloh - Tennessee -named after a church at Pittsburg Landing; Sidney Johnston from Corinth-Grant had just captured Fort Donelson-Johnston died -seized Memphis and Charleston railroads, Owl Creek swamps
Vicksburg - Mississippi led by Grant to take Mississippi River; Sherman and McPherson; Union win at Champion’s hill -Grant to brink of starvation -Grierson’s Raid to confuse rebels -4th of July not celebrated for over 80 years; surrender split confederacy in two
Chickamauga - Tennessee Rosencrans to Tennessee River -Race to Chattanooga-Reed’s Creek; The Rock of Chickamauga -George Thomas defended -Deas forced retreat of Carlin from La Fayette road-Lytle Hill; Glass’ Mill -Snodgrass Hill, Army of Cumberland
Chattanooga campaign - Tennessee Rosencrans forced Bragg out of city; Hooker took Lookout Mountain in the Battle Above the Clouds; Thomas gotMissionary ridge -Craven House retreat-cracker line; rail hub -artillery of opponents was really bad -Tunnel Hill
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