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CM glossary

Addendum Supplementary documentation issued prior to the contract award that changes or clarifies information stated in the bidding documents.
Additional Services provided over and above those designated as basic services in owner agreements with A/Es and CMs.
Agency CM(ACM) A contractual form of the CM system exclusively performed in an agency relationship between the construction manager and owner. ACM is the form from which other CM forms and variations are derived.
Agent(or Agency) A legal relationship where one party is authorized to act in behalf of, and in the best interest of, another party, as defined in an agreement between the parties.
Agreement A legal document that binds two or more parties to specific and implied obligations.
Ancillary Benefits Subordinate secondary benefits thta automatically accrue form the performance of an unassociated prime responsibility.
Bid A binding offer, usually expressed in dollars to provide specific services within clearly stated requirements.
Bid Depository A physical location where trade contractor proposals are fled the day before general contractor bids are to be received by an owner for pickup,opening, acceptance, or rejection by general contractors bidding the owner's project.
Bulletin A delineation, narrative,or both describing o proposed change for pricing by a contractor(s) and for consideration as a change by the owner.
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