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unit2 better living

sewage system receives and treats human waste
safe water water that is free of harmful chemicals and disease causing organism
polluted containing harmful chemicals or organisms
condominium building with many individual living units
town house one row of houses connected by a common sided wall
famines widespread starvation
contaminating adding materials that will change the purity or usefulness of a substance
urine liquid body waste
feces solid body waste
parasite live on the inside or outside another organism with no benefit to the host
insect impact heavily on our environment
immune cannot be affected by the organism
reaper machine to cut small grain
combine harvests the grain
mold board plow piece of steel cut from a saw blade
cotton gin removes cotton seeds
corn picker removes ears of corn from the stalks
barbed wire wire with sharp points to keep the livestock from the fence
milking machine replaced hand milking
tractor source of power for belt driven machines as well as for pulling
legume plant that hosts nitrogen-fixing bacteria
tofu a popular Chinese food made by boiling and crushing soy beans coagulating the resulting soy milk and pressing the curds into desired shapes
katahdin a popular potato verity of the 1930s
BelRus a superior baking verity bred to grow well in the northeast
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