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Ch2 Word

Ch2 deal a quiz

To center a paragraph using shortcut keys, press ___. CTRL + E
If you do not want to keep a change made by the AutoCorrect feature, you can click the ___ button on the Quick Access toolbar. Undo
Word refers to the automatic page break task as ___. background repagination.
When ____, ensure all the source information is correct and look for grammatical errors and spelling errors. proofreading
In the Find and Replace dialog box, the ____ button replaces all occurrences of the Find what text with the Replace with text. Replace All
A(n) ___ is a document you can use to communicate the results of research findings. Research paper
The amount of vertical space between lines of text in a document is called ____. Line spacing
The shortcut keys for formatting a paragraph with single space are ____. CTRL + 1
The small square on the horizontal ruler is the Left Indent marker
A ____ is an identifier that links a citation to a source tag name
A(n) ___ page break is one that you force into a document at a specific location. manual
____ removes the item from the document before placing it on the Office Clipboard. Cutting
A ___ is a named group of formatting characteristics style
To right-align a paragraph, press ___. CTRL + R
The ___ is the top triangle at the 0" mark on the horizontal ruler First Line Indent marker
The MLA style specifies that a(n) ___ be used for a note reference mark to signal that an explanatory note exists at the end of the document as an endnote. superscript
___ is the space that is displayed at the top and bottom of pages, and also the space between pages. White space
The ___ is a temporary Windows storage area. Clipboard
You can display the thesaurus in the Thesaurus task pane by clicking Thesaurus on the ___ submenu. Synonyms
If you are using the APA style, you should double-space all pages of the paper with ___ top, bottom, left and right margins. 1 inch
Word automatically numbers notes sequentially by placing a ___ both in the body of the document and to the left of the note text. note reference mark
Word has an ___ feature, where it predicts some words and phrases as you are typing, and displays its predictions on a ScreenTip. AutoComplete
The MLA documentation style uses in-text ___ instead of noting each source at the bottom of the page or at the end of the paper parenthetical references
By default, Word shades selected areas ___. gray
The ___ page alphabetically lists sources that are directly referenced in the paper. works cited
___ is the process of coping an item from the Office Clipboard into the document at the desired location of the insertion point. Pasting.
A(n) ___ is at the end of a document. endnote
When your fingers are already on the keyboard, it is sometimes more efficient to use the ___ to format text. shortcut keys
The MLA style uses the term ___ to refer to the bibliographic list of sources at the end of the paper. works cited
You can look on the ___ and see the total number of words thus far in a document. status bar
A ___ is a placeholder for data whose contents can change. field
The first line of a paragraph by itself on the bottom of a page is called a(n) ___. orphan
A(n) ___ can be used in place of a duplicate or inappropriate word. synonym
The MLA style requires that you set the line spacing to ___ for the entire research paper. double
As you type, the ____ feature in Word automatically corrects certain spelling, typing, capitalization, or grammar errors. AutoCorrect
A(n) ___ is an alphabetical list of sources referenced in a paper. bibliography
The ___ is a window that enables you to browse through headings in a document, browse through pages in a document, or search for text in a document. Navigation Pane
____ spacing is the amount of space above and below a paragraph. Paragraph
If rulers are not displayed, click the ___ check box on the VIEW tab, and place a check mark in the box to display them. View Ruler
According to MLA style, the ___ page is a list of sources that are referenced directly in a research paper. works cited
To add a flagged word to the custom dictionary, right-click the flagged word and then click ___ on the shortcut menu. Add to Dictionary
The MLA style uses the term ___ to refer to the bibliographic list of sources at the end of the paper works cited
If you want to create a header, click the Add a Header button on the ___ tab INSERT
Word provides a quick way to indent paragraphs through the ___. horizontal ruler
A ___ is text and graphics you want printed at the top of each page in a document. header
The last line of a paragraph by itself on the top of a page is called a(n) ___. widow
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