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Le Monde Francophone

Ganvie is a fishing village which is built on stilts. Le Benin
It is a pencil-thin strip of land Le Togo
Port Louis is its capital Lile Maurice
Residents work in the cod-fishing industry. It is south of Newfoundland Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon
A French overseas department that is highly developed and famous for its beautiful exotic flowers La Martinique
It is known for its savoir vivre La France
Porto-Novo is its capital Le Benin
It has fantastic landscapes and one of the highest mountains Le Cameroun
Victoria is its capital Les Seychelles
Abidjan is the most cosmopolitan city, referred to as the " Paris of West Africa" La Cote d'Ivoire
Monaco is its capital La Principaute de Monaco
It is the oldest and largest of the countries provinces Le Province de Quebec
It has more than one hundred islands. Les Seychelles
Berne is its capital La Suisse
Fort-de-France is its capital La Martinique
Its friendly people are known for their musical and artistic talents Haiti
Port-au-Prince is its capital Haiti
Kigali is its capital La Rwanda
Yaounde is its capital Le Cameroun
It is a volcanic island in the Indian Ocean. Lile Maurice
One of the world's smallest sovereign states La Principaute de Monaco
It has one of the densest populations in all of Africa La Rwanda
Bruxelles is its capital La Belgique
Yamoussoukra is its capital La Cote d'Ivoire
Basse-Terre is its capital La Guadeloupe
It has more visitors than any other Western African country. It has a fabulous mix of Afro-French characteristics. Le Senegal
Tunis is its capital La Tunisie
It contains Roman archaeological sites La Tunisie
Libreville is its capital Le Gabon
Located at the entrance to the Red Sea, it is one of the most important seaports in Africa Djibouti
Lome is its capital Le Togo
Dominated by the Alps La Suisse
Catholic missionaries founded Libreville to house liberated slaves Le Gabon
Dakar is its capital Le Senegal
It is known for its jungle highlands and beautiful seaside resorts La Guadeloupe
It has two distinct cultures- Flemish in the North and French in the South La Belgique
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