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CH 1 surgical tech

the physician who is known as the father of modern surgery because of his work with aseptic sugrical technique Lister
surgeon who developed and taught the principles of wound closure, hemostasis, and tissue handiling Pare
the physician who proved the germ theory of disease using swan neck flasks Pasture
physician who performed dissections on cadaver, father of modern anatomy Versalius
the period of time from when surgery is first scheduled may be weeks or months depending on the patient and physician chedules and other circumstances elective
the period of time when the case is scheduled is very short due to the life or limb threatening circumstances and my bump a scheduled case emergent
the period of time from when the incision is made or the procedure begins until the patient's incision is closed or the procedure ends intraoperative
the period of time from when surgery is first scheduled until the patient is released from the surgeon's care perioperative
the period of time from when the incision is closed intil the patien is released from care postoperative
the period of time from when the surgical procedure is scheduled until the incision is made or the procedure begins preoperative
the period of time from when surgery is first scheduled is short due to the potential for health risks and may be called an add-on by the scheduler urgent
developed the first ventricular assist pump Debakey
the first great anatomist; biology was made to serve theology galen
father of modern nerurosurgery Crushing
developed methods of meticulous wound closure known as the principles of surgical technique Halstead
perfected the heart transplant and the heart-lung machine Cooley
father of modern anatomy Vesalius
invented the vaccination for small pox Jenner
father of microbiology pasteur
father of modern surgery lister
surgeon who ligated arteries using suture after amputations pare
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