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To take advantage of Word's built in groups of formatting settings, use... styles
Which keyboard shortcut toggles the Track Changes feature on or off? Ctrl + Shift + E
What is the purpose of adding citations & a Works Cited page to your document? To ensure that you give appropriate credit to your sources, avoid plagiarizing, & ensure that your document can be viewed as authoritative & complete
To change the Margin Settings, click the Margins button in the... Page Setup group on the Page Layout tab
Instead of using borders, you can apply ____ to visually separate cell contents. shading
To arrange text so that it flows around or behind an object, select the object & then click the ____ button in the Arrange group on the Drawing Tools Format tab. Wrap Text
What is the shape of the cursor when you move it into the selection area to the left of the text? an arrow
One way to select a fill color for a shape is to right-click the shape & then click _____ in the shortcut menu. This action opens a dialog box that contains a variety of fill colors. Format AutoShape
To compare 2 versions of a document, click the... Compare button on the Review tab
The Table Styles gallery is located on the _____. Table Tools Design tab
To change the character set in Word, click the down-pointing arrow next to the... Font text box in the Font group on the Home tab
Which of the following tools can you use to limit the changes reviewers can make to a document? Restrict Editing & Block Authors
Which of the following describes an advantage of saving a Word document as a PDF file? The document can be viewed on computers that do not have Word, PDF files are smaller than Word files, & the file will not be compromised.
The up & down arrows on the Spacing buttons in the Paragraph group on the Page Layout tab allow you to change the amount of white space... before & after a paragraph
A wavy _____ line under the text indicates a potentially misspelled word. red
If you want to destribute a formatted Microsoft Word document that people who don't have Word, save it as a ____ file. PDF
What type of list should you create for items that are in no particular order? bulleted
One advantage that documents saved in PDF format have over Word format is that ____. the files are smaller in size
What is the keyboard shortcut for centering text between the left & right margins? Ctrl + E
To select an entire paragraph... double-click the selection area to the left of the text or triple-click inside the paragraph
When Word is tracking changes, deleted text is shown, by default, in... a different color with a strikethrough line
To resize an object but still maintain its original proportions you should drag the image's ______ handles. corner
You can copy paragraph formatting, such as line spacing & indentation, to another section of text by using the ... Format Painter
By default, Word sets tabs... every half inch
What happens to the default tab settings if you set a Left Tab at 3 inches? The default tabs to the left of the new tab are cleared
Headers & footers provide a way for you to insert text you'd like to appear on every page in the document. True
The process of combing rows & columns in a table is called... merging
Press Enter at the end of a line of text, Word will move the cursor to the next line &... leave more space than it leaves within a paragraph
_____ is not an example of a style. Office
When you first open Microsoft Word, the program displays... a new, blank document
To access the Convert Text to Table options, click the Table button in the ... Tables group on the Insert tab
To delete a row or column in a table, select the row or column & press delete on the keyboard. False
The Format Painter in Word allows you to... copy the format settings from one area of text to another
Which key or combination of keys erases the character to the right of the cursor? Delete
When you click inside a table, which of the following tabs becomes available? the Table Tools Design tab
To place your notes at the end of the document rather than at the bottom of each page, use the ______ button. Insert Endnote
___, ___, & ____ can be changed at the Font dialog box. Font size, font style, & font effects
In Word, which keys can be used to move to the next cell in table? the Arrow keys & Tab
You can change the name associated with your edits & comments by choosing Change User Name on the ______ button. Track Changes
Templates may contain settings for your text formatting & graphics. True
Which way(s) can you use Word to post a document on the Web? Save to Web, Publish as a Blog Post, & Save to SharePoint
To insert an organizational chart, pyramid, or similar diagram into a document, use... SmartArt
Reviewers who don't want to make changes in a document can instead click the _____ button to make a suggestion. New Comment
Which keyboard shortcut can be used to underline text? Ctrl + U
You can see a three-part color description by hovering your mouse pointer above any color square in the ______ color palette. Shape Fill
Which buttons are used for creating multiple levels in a list? Increase & Decrease Indent & Tab & Shift Tab
To create a numbered list, click the Numbering button in the.. Paragraph group on the Home tab
How do you rotate an object in Word? Click & drag the green rotation handle
The easiest way to include page #s at the bottom left of every page is to... click the Page Number button in the Header & Footer group & then click Bottom of Page
What is Word's default text alignment? left
To save a set of applied formats as your own style, click _____, then click Save Selection as a New Quick Style. the More drop-down arrow in the Styles group on the Home tab
The Send as PDF option is found on the _____ tab. Save & Send
What is the most efficient way to prevent Spell Check from constantly flagging a correctly spelled name in all of your documents? Add it to the Dictionary
To rotate a picture select the picture & then click the Rotate button in the ____ group on the Picture Tools Format tab. Arrange
Which type of text alignment will give your document the look of a published book? justified
To save a Word document to SharePoint... your organization must first set up a SharePoint site
How can you select all the text in your document? Triple-click in the selection area to the left of the document
Templates can be accessed by clicking... New on the File tab
______ is not a tab setting found in Word. Justify
What styles of bullets can you create in Word? circles, diamonds, & customized symbols
You can access a list of pre-formatted table styles, such as calendars & lists, by clicking the Table button in the Tables group on the Insert tab & then choosing ... Quick Tables
Where is the Orientation button found in Word? in the Page Setup group on the Page Layout tab
Which terms are used to describe the 2 types of page orientation that Word offers? landscape & portrait
Which options are available when the Spell Check feature flags a potential spelling error? Ignore All, Change, & Add to Dictionary
To cite sources in a paper, use the _____ feature. footnote, endnote, & citations
Which key or combination of keys erases the character to the left of the cursor? Backspace
To format a document in more than 3 columns, click the... Columns button & then click More Columns
The save command is accessed in the page lay-out tab. False
You can remove the lines around all the cells in a table by clicking _____ on the Table Tools Design tab. the Borders button & then No Borders
If you double click in the top margin of a document, you can create or edit a... header or footer
Before you give your document to anyone else to review, turn on Word's _____ feature to ensure that all edits will be recorded. Track Changes
If your text runs slightly longer than one page, what can you do to get it to fit on one page? Use a larger paper size, Adjust the margin settings, & Change the page orientation
After text is pasted using the Clipboard, it is removed from the Clipboard. False
To change the spacing between the lines in a paragraph, select the paragraph & then click the... Line & Paragraph Spacing button in the Paragraph group on the Home tab, & Paragraph dialog box launcher in the Paragraph group on the Home tab.
How do you remove a tab you no longer want? Drag it off the Ruler & Right click & choose remove from the menu
To resize an object to a specific height & width, use the boxes in the ____ group on the Picture Tools Format tab. Size, Adjust, & Arrange
Double-click a word to... select only that word
To accept all changes in a document at once, click _____, & then click Accept All Changes in Document. the arrow on the Accept button
To access a variety of shapes that you can use to illustrate your Word documents, click the Shapes button in the ... Illustrations group on the Insert tab
To delete all comments in a document, _____ & choose Delete All Comments in Document. click the arrow on the Delete button in the Comments group
When you click inside a shape, what tab becomes available? the Drawing Tools Format tab
To combine 2 or more documents into one, use the ____ feautre. Compare
To be able to view the contents of a PDF file, users can download a free program called... Adobe Reader
Word provides special documents called _____, which include text formatting that can give your content a more polished & professional look. templates
The Save to Web feature is found on the... Save & Send tab
To convert existing text to a table, you must include... row separators & column separators
Each comment box contains... the reviewer's initials & a number
To force a paragraph to start at the top of a new page, click the Page Break button in the ... Pages group on the Insert tab
How can you keep your name & phone number on the same line in a document but align your name at the left margin & your phone number at the right margin? Left align the text & set a right tab at the right margin
Which Word feature allows you to add decorative text to your document? WordArt
Which of these font effects is widely used for book & movie titles? italic
Use ____ to add illustrations & pictures, as well as audio & video clips, to your document. Clip Art
Which options for distributing a document for review is available on the Save & Send tab? Send Using E-mail
Which of the following types of image does Word allow you to insert into a document? Clip Art, pictures, & SmartArt
What must you do before you can use Word to publish a document as a blog post? Establish an account on a blogging service
The advantage of using the Page Number button is that... the page numbers will update if additional pages are inserted
From the Reviewing Pane, you can reject a text deletion by... clicking Deleted & then clicking the Reject button in the Changes group on the Review tab & right-clicking Deleted & then clicking Reject Deletion
You can set tabs in your documents by using the ruler. True
To resize an object's height & width at the same time, place your insertion point... at any corner handle
To look over the changes to your document & decide whether to accept or reject them, click the _____ button in the Tracking group on the Review tab. Reviewing Pane
How do you remove a tab you no longer want? Point to it & press Delete, point to it & press Backspace, & Drag it off the Ruler
Which best describes the steps to create a PDF file in Word? Click File, click Save & Send, click the Create PDF/XPS Document option, & then click Create PDF/XPS & Click File, click Save As, & then select PDF(*.pdf) in the Save as type option box
The Spelling & Grammar button is found in the... Proofing group on the Review tab
When you cut a text its place on the word clipboard. False
When you use Word's Send Using E-mail option, what information is automatically placed in the Subject field? the file name
The Insert Footnote button is located in the... Footnotes group on the References tab
To combine table cells, select the cells & click the ______ button on the Table Tools Layout tab. Merge Cells
What buttons can be found in the Rows & Columns group of the Table Tools Layout tab? Insert Above, Insert Left, & Insert Right
The New Comment button can be found in the Comments group on the _____ tab. Review
Which Display for Review option shows all formatting changes as well as all deletions & additions? Final
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