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Excel Lesson 2 & 3

What is the process of using the mouse to move or copy cells called? Drag and Drop
Alicia needs to delete the data in cell B5. Which command would she select? Clear
John wants to print only the Inventory worksheet that he is currently working on in his workbook. Which option should he choose? Print Active Sheet
Which Microsoft Excel feature automatically insert data into a cell that begins with the same character as a previous entry? AutoComplete
Jennifer needs to identify the values in column B for a sales report. Which type of entry should she use in the column header? Labels
What is the name of the list of frequently used Excel available when a user right-clicks an item in the worksheet? Shortcut Menu
Sharon's spreadsheet contains information about the number of music downloads in F1:F25. F1:F25 represents a Range
Which term refers to a group of selected cells that may be formatted, moved, copied, or deleted as a group? Range
When entering data into a cell, which keyboard key is used to remove characters to the left of the insertion point? Backspace Key
Which command on the Fill options dialog box is the default option if you enter a month or day? Fill Series
Alicia needs to move the data in cell B5 to cell E5. Which command would she select? Cut
David wants to key the numbers 1 to 1,000 in Column A of his spreadsheet. What command should he use to complete this task? AutoFill
In an Microsoft Excel worksheet, how do you change the width of a column so that the widest entry will fit? AutoFit
To help organize and identify Microsoft Excel files by providing details about the files, which of the following would you use? Document properties
In Microsoft Excel, which feature makes an exact replica of the cell data and format while keeping the original cell intact? Copy
Joan is creating a table that will include demographic information about her employees. What is each header in her table considered? Label
Joyce has updated the data in an existing spreadsheet. Which command would she select to preserve the data for future use? Save
Jennifer needs to identify the values in Column for a statistics report. Which type of entry should she use in the column header? labels
Which command on the Home ribbon allow data to be moved from one worksheet location to another? Copy
What is the name of the small black square in the lower-right corner of the heavy border of an active cell that repeats a cell's value in adjacent cells? Fill handle
Jim would like to print only the cell range A1: F20. What page setup option should he change? Print Area
Steve would like to print only the worksheet he is currently working on. What print option should he choose? Active Sheets
Which command enables a user to save an existing worksheet with a new name or save the worksheet in a new location? Save As
John's workbooks include 3 worksheets. Which should he choose to print them? Print entire workbook
Which is a special workbook a user can create and then use as a pattern to create new, similar workbooks or worksheets? Template
What Area contains the command used to customize the print options in Microsoft Excel? File Tab
Created by: talorh13