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4a L'argot

Slang and everyday expressions

une bagnole a car, a ride
une balle a unit of currency, a buck
une fac an educational department
la gueule the face
un bécot/un bisou a kiss, a smooch
un accro an addict
un ado a teenager, a teen
un bordel a mess, a SNAFU
un béguin a crush
un bled a crummy locality, the boondocks
un boulot a job
le charabia gibberish, gobbledygook
un con/connard/une conne/connarde a jerk
un flic a cop
le fric money
un frigo a refrigerator, a fridge
un gamin a young person, a kid
un mec a guy
un plouc a slob, a sloppy nerd
un pote a friend, a buddy
un salaud/une salope an evil person, a “bastard”
un tas a pile of stuff
un truc a thing, a watchmakallit
bavarder to chitchat
bouffer to eat
bûcher to work hard (to log and split wood)
se casser to leave (to break oneself)
déconner to mess around, to talk crap
foutre to do (the “F” word)
se gourer to make a mistake
rigoler to have a laugh, to kid around
chouette Great!
débile “Awesome!”, lit. weak
dégueulasse disgusting
dingue crazy
kif-kif same-same
moche mediocre, crummy
nature plain
génial/géniale great, brilliant
malin/maligne clever, smart
marrant/marrante funny
maudit/maudite damned
[un] pépère/[une] mémère old man, old woman (pejorative)
et patati et patata yadda, yadda, yadda
super fantastic, very _
vachement tremendously, really
Created by: rtetu