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Study Helps for British Lit Unit 2 Test

Which form of literature reacted primarily against the external threat to society? Old English
Whom does Wycliffe cite in his attack on wealthy, worldly clergymen? Bernard of Clairvaux
Which dynasty claimed descent from Arthur? Tudor
Which author was born into the middle class, rose in ranks of aristocracy and nobility, successfully used satire, had insight into human nature and social institutions, and his social conservatism stayed strong in his later years? Geoffrey Chaucer
Which form of literature sought to remedy the internal threat to society? Middle English
Who taught that the primary requirement for clergy is a godly lifestyle? Wycliffe
Which pilgrim was described using the understatement "was not undergrown, as all could see"? Prioress
Which event is associated with the end of the Middle Ages? ascension of Henry VII to the throne
Which legend has influences from the French, Welsh and English? King Arthur
Which writer is associated with the movements of nationalism, scholasticism and Lollardism? Wycliffe
During the fourteenth century, which language took on both French and Latin additions? English
Which writers most influenced English medieval poets who wrote for sophisticated audiences? French
Which element in "The Nun's Priest's Tale" alludes to the Biblical story of man's fall? the reference to March
Chaucer originally planned to write about how many stories? 120
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