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SALT Am Lit Test 2

After leaving Bay Colony, Williams started a colony in what present-day state? Rhode Island
What book was popular in the New World and commonly used in New England churches for over 150 years? The Bay Psalm Book
What Bible verse does Edwards use for "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"? Their foot shall slide in due time; Deuteronomy 32:35
Understand why Edwards uses the second person pronoun 'you' in the second sentence of the "Application" sentence of "Sinners.....God" Read this section and be prepared to answer with your opinion
According to Meditation 1.1, what overflows hell? God's love
Williams believed that religious conviction did not exempt man from what? Normal obligations of citizenship
What did Williams continue to due in his latter years? Preach to the Indians
From what did Bradstreet's poems grow from/Illustrate? Her New England experience/the human dimension of Puritan literature
What 2 categories can Bradstreet's poems be divided into? Religious and domestic
Does Bradstreet express rebellion against treatment of women in her day? No, she glories in her responsibilities of a woman, wife and mother
What does "On My Dear Grandchild" suggest about God's purpose in the death of a loved one? It shows lack of faith to question it
What helped Edwards be able to converse with and challenge intellectuals of his day? A strong, formal education
How does "The Preface" end The tragedy that gives way to the fall of man
Besides a pastor, what other roles did Taylor fill? Physician, organizer of defenses against the Indians
How was Taylor's poetry made known, why? Discovered in a Yale Library more than 200 years after his death because, it is rumored, he requested his heirs preserve it but not publish it
Why did many church members who heard Edwards remain unconverted? The church's relaxed membership, allowing people to join the church who hadn't been converted
What is the main theme of Edwards's writings? Religious knowledge must be in the heart, nit just in the head
Created by: SaltAmericanLit
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