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CSCI340 Johnson Ch5

LU CSCI340 Johnson Ch 5

Apathy A state of indifference, or the suppression of emotions such as concern, excitement, motivation and passion.
Auditor An individual accountable for assessing the design and effectiveness of security policies. Auditors may be internal or external to an organization.
Compliance officer An individual accountable for monitoring adherence to laws and regulations.
Data custodian An individual responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of data and the quality of that data. May perform backups and recover data as needed. A data custodian also grants access based on approval from the data owner.
Data manager An individual who establishes procedures on how data should be handled.
Data owner An individual who approves user access rights to information that is needed to perform day-to-day operations.
Data user The end user of an application. A data user is accountable for handling data appropriately by understanding security policies and following approved processes and procedures.
Division of labor How various tasks are grouped into specialties to enhance the depth and quality of work product.
Executive A senior business leader accountable for approving security policy implementation, driving the security message within an organization, and ensuring that policies are given appropriate priority.
Flat organizational structure An organization with few layers separating the leaders from the bottom ranks of workers.
Hierarchical organizational structure An organization with multiple layers of reporting, which separates leaders from the bottom ranks of workers.
Information security ofcer (ISO) An individual accountable for identifying, developing, and implementing security policies and corresponding security controls.
Span of control Relates to the number of areas of control achieved through the number of direct reports found in an organization.
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