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Vocab. Ut 11


Vocab. wordDefinesysnonymsAntonyms
Alias an assumed name pseudonym real name, given name, leagal name
Burly Big and strong, muscular strapping, hefty, beefy, brawny weak, puny, delicate, frail
Distort to give a false or misleading account of disfigure, misshape, falsify
Dogged persistent, stubbornly determined, refusing to give up
Dumfounded so amazed that one is unable to speak
Extinct no longer in existence
Fossil the remains or traces of an animal or plant that lived in the past
Grit very fine sand or gravel
inevitable sure to happen, unavoidable
Ingrained fixed deeply and firmly
Meteoric resembling a meteor in speed
Parody a humorous or ridiculous imitation
Prevail to triumph over
Rend to tear to pieces
Replenish to fill again
Rummage to search through
Skimp to save
Seluth a detective
Vandalism deliberate and pointless destruction of public or private property
Amble to walk slowy, stroll saunter, ramble gallop, dash, sprint, run, race, rush
Created by: zackogle